HC Deb 30 November 1987 vol 123 cc441-2W
Mr. John Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services what was the size of the health educational budget in 1986 relating to(a) AIDS and (b) heart disease.

Mrs. Currie

Prior to the establishment of the Health Education Authority in April 1987, funding for health education was allocated by the Government to the Health Education Council.

Details of the Health Education Council's spending on coronary heart disease and AIDS for the financial years 1985–86 and 1986–87 is as follows:

Coronary heart disease
1985–86 1,030,108
1986–87 791,500
1985–86 68,000
1986–87 62,000

In addition, the Department has spent £539,000 in 1985–86 and £6,861,000 in 1986–87 on public education relating to AIDS and £420,000 in 1986–87 on the joint departmental/ Health Education Council "Look After Your Heart" campaign. Regional and district health authorities, local authorities and voluntary organisations have also spent substantial sums on both AIDS and heart disease education but there is no comprehensive central record of the sums involved.

Mr. Frank Fields

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services if the National Health Service has considered taking legal action against those American companies who provided Factor 8 products infected with the AIDS virus.

Mr. Newton

The products in question were supplied to various health authorities. So far as is known legal action has not been taken by any of them.

Mr. John Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services how many people under 50 years of age died in 1986 from(a) AIDS and (b) heart disease.

Mr. Newton

As of 20 November 1987, of the cases of AIDS reported to the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre from England and Wales, 182 were known to have died during 1986 and were aged under 50 years at time of death.

The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in 1986 where the underlying cause of death was stated as heart disease (International Classification of Diseases 9th revision 393–429) for persons aged under 50 years is 5,010.

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