HC Deb 23 November 1987 vol 123 cc3-4W
Sir Trevor Skeet

To ask the Prime Minister if she will announce the composition of the United Kingdom delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The Prime Minister

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will be meeting in Strasbourg on 25 January 1988. The delegation from the United Kingdom this year will consist of twelve Members of the Conservative party, five Members of the Labour party and one Member of the Liberal party. I have also appointed a number of substitute delegates.

The appointments of representatives and substitutes have been made on the basis of nominations by the leaders of those parties concerned.

The same delegation will be representing the United Kingdom Parliament at the Assembly of the Western European Union, which meets in Paris on 30 November.

Representatives from the Government Benches will be:

  • My hon. Friend the Member for Hampstead and Highgate (Sir G. Finsberg), who will act as leader.
    • My hon. Friends the Members for:
      • Warwick and Leamington (Sir D. Smith)
      • Southampton, Test (Mr. Hill) (Government Whip)
      • Birmingham, Edgbaston (Dame J. Knight)
      • Twickenham (Mr. Jessel)
      • Northampton, South (Mr. Morris)
      • Halesowen and Stourbridge (Mr. Stokes)
      • Ruislip-Northwood (Mr. Wilkinson)
      • Ashford (Mr. Speed)
      • Streatham (Mr. Shelton)
      • Medway (Dame P. Fenner)
      • and the Earl of Kinnoull.
    • Representatives from the Labour party will be:
    • The hon. Members for:
      • Neath (Mr. Coleman)
      • Wallsend (Mr. Garrett)
      • Wentworth (Mr. Hardy)
      • Tooting (Mr. Cox)
      • Liverpool, Riverside (Mr. Parry)
    • Representatives from the Liberal party will be:
      • The hon. Member for Inverness, Nairn and Lochaber (Sir R. Johnston).
      • The following substitutes have been appointed to act as necessary on behalf of the delegates:
    • From the Government Benches:
    • My hon. Friends the Members for:
      • Bournemouth, East (Mr. Atkinson)
      • Eastwood (Mr. Stewart)
      • Norfolk, North (Mr. Howell)
      • Thanet, North (Mr. Gale)
      • Lewes (Mr. Rathbone)
      • Brighton, Kemptown (Mr. Bowden)
      • Suffolk, Central (Mr. Lord)
      • Lord Newall and Lord Rodney.
    • From the Labour party:
    • The hon. Members for:
      • Wansbeck (Mr. Thompson)
      • Manchester, Central (Mr. Litherland)
      • Don Valley (Mr. Redmond)
      • Warley, East (Mr. Faulds)
      • Lewisham, Deptford (Ms. Ruddock)
      • Falkirk, East (Mr. Ewing)
      • Cunninghame, South (Mr. Lambie) and Lord Kirkhill.
    • From the Liberal party:
    • The Lord Mackie.

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