HC Deb 02 March 1987 vol 111 cc462-3W
Mr. Pawsey

asked the Prime Minister if she will list the total amounts paid in grants by Government Departments to voluntary bodies during the financial year 1985–86; and if she will make a statement.

The Prime Minister

The figures are shown in the table. The total amount provided in 1985–86 represents a cash increase of 19.1 per cent. (in real terms 12.3 per cent.) on the level of provision in 1984–85. In the period between 1979–80 and 1985–86 the level of Government support to voluntary bodies has risen by about 208 per cent. (or in real terms 91 per cent.). These percentage increases take account of revised figures for Northern Ireland Departments in 1979–80 and 1984–85.

Grants and payments by Government Departments in 1985–86
£ £
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 117,700
Defence 3,543,815
Education and Science grants 8,450,508
payments 9,638,571 18,089,079
Employment 30,316,000
Energy 865,000
Environment—direct grants 2,566,366
—Urban programme1 76,300,000
Foreign and Commonwealth 822,483
Overseas Development Administration 231,233,174 32,255,657
Health and Social Security 32,045,917
Home Office grants 18,202,975
payments 97,300 18,300,275
Lord Chancellor's Department 691,476
Northern Ireland Departments
grants 11,350,894
payments 5,450,234 16,801,124
Scottish Office—direct grants 8,247,195
—Urban programme 11,700,000
Trade and Industry 8,063,455
Transport 605,000
Welsh Office—direct grants 5,093,652
—Urban programme 2,375,000
Total 267,976,711

1 Includes contributions from the Departments of Education and Science, Health and Social Security, and Transport.

2 Overseas Development Administration's total consists solely of grants to various British charities for work in overseas relief and development.


In addition payments were made directly to voluntary bodies under

various employment programmes:

Manpower Services Commission (estimated payments);
Community Programme 366,000,000
Voluntary Projects Programme 7,830,000
YTS 132,400,000

The MSC makes payments to voluntary bodies under other programmes, but these cannot be given in detail except at disproportionate cost.
Department of Economic Development, Northern Ireland:
Action for Community Employment 14,270,000
Community Volunteering Scheme 635,000
Youth Community Projects 637,636
Community Workshops 13,356,506
Younghelp 551,408

Housing Government Departments also made grants and payments to Housing Associations and Societies:
Department of the Environment 944,800,000
Department of the Environment for NorthernIreland 39,648,142
Scottish Office 105,734,494

Non-Departmental Public Bodies

Grants made to voluntary bodies in 1985–86 by Non-Departmental

Public Bodies include the following:

Equal Opportunities Commission 61,393
Commission for Racial Equality 3,828,035
Development Commission 2,358,685
Countryside Commission 2,405,000
Countryside Commission for Scotland 286,701
Nature Conservancy Council 11,227,000
contracts with voluntary bodies 325,000
Sports Council 12,415,000
Sports Council for Northern Ireland 431,395
Scottish Sports Council 2,389,766
Sports Council for Wales 1,061,077
Health Education Council grants 810,000
payments 54,000
Health Education Council—Northern Ireland 278,000
1 £573,000 of this amount was for the purchase of nature reserves.