HC Deb 26 January 1987 vol 109 cc90-1W
Mr. Galley

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services how many (a) in-patients and (b) out-patients received National Health Service treatment in the four Thames health authority regions in 1978 and in the latest year for which figures are available.

Mrs. Currie

The information requested is given in the table.

National Health Service hospitals
Regional Health Authority1 1978 thousands 1985 thousands
In-patient cases treated
North West Thames 399.5 418.8
North East Thames 458.1 541.1
South East Thames 436.3 501.6
South West Thames 314.3 344.4
ALL THAMES RHAS 1,608.2 1,805.9
Total out-patient attendances
North West Thames 2,803.3 2,734.8
North East Thames 3,452.2 3,725.6
South East Thames 3,156.7 3,307.4
South West Thames 2,042.0 2,084.3
ALL THAMES RHAS 11,454.2 11,852.1

1 Due to National Health Service restructuring and resultant boundary changes in 1982 the figures are not strictly comparable. Details are as follows:

  1. 1. Hammersmith and Acton Hospital formerly in North West Thames region became Hammersmith SHA (now Hammersmith and Queen Charlottes).
  2. 2. Middlesex Hospital; Athlone House, London N6, Hospital for Women, London W1; Marlborough Day Hospital and St. Luke's (Woodside) Hospital, North West Thames region, now North East Thames region.
  3. 3. Ashford Hospital, Middlesex, South West Thames region, now North West Thames region.
  4. 4. Royal National ENT, Shaftesbury, St. Peters, St. Pauls, St. Philips and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospitals formerly Board of Governors administered, now North East Thames region.
  5. 5. St. Johns Hospital for Diseases of the Skin formerly Board of Governors administered, now South East Thames region.