HC Deb 26 January 1987 vol 109 cc95-7W
Mr. Mudd

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will state, in respect of each of the years 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985 (a) how many men reached the age of 65 years, (b) how many women reached the age of 60 years, (c) how many pensioners were admitted to hospital with hypothermia-related illnesses and (d) how many pensioners died during each of the stated years with hypothermia or hypothermia-related illnesses recorded as the primary cause of death.

Mrs. Currie

It is not possible to give precise figures for the number of people reaching a certain age in any given year. However, annual population estimates give the number of people of any particular age at 30 June of the year in question. Table (a) shows the estimated number of men aged 65 years and women aged 60 years for the mid-years 1980–85 for England and Wales, and for England.

Table (b) gives the estimated number of hospital admissions of persons of pensionable age (men aged 65 years and over, and women aged 60 years and over) with a main or subsidiary diagnosis of hypothermia. The figures are estimated from the hospital in-patient inquiry, which is based upon a one in 10 sample of in-patient records from National Health Service non-psychiatric hospitals. Figures for 1980 and 1981 are for England and Wales, but for 1982 to 1984 are for hospitals in England only. Data for Wales from 1982 are the responsibility of my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Wales. Statistics for 1985 are not yet available.

Table (c) shows the available data on the number of deaths to persons of pensionable age with any mention of hypothermia on the death certificate, irrespective of whether it did or did not appear as the underlying cause of death. The figures relate to deaths registered in England and Wales, and of these, the number usually resident in England.

Table (a)
England England and Wales
Estimated number of males aged 65 at each mid-year
1980 228,100 242,300
1981 213,200 226,500
1982 195,400 208,000
1983 172,200 183,700
1984 179,300 191,400
1985 266,900 283,100
Estimated number of females aged 60 at each mid-year
1980 327,200 348,300
1981 310,600 330,100
1982 292,700 311,200
1983 275,200 292,400
1984 269,100 286,300
1985 263,300 280,300

Table (b)

Estimated number of hospital admissions with hypothermia; females aged 60 years and over and males aged 65 years and over. England and Wales 1980–1981, England 1982–84.

Year England England and Wales
1980 2,170
1981 2,360
1982 2,660
1983 2,360
1984 2,010
Source: hospital in-patient inquiry— not applicable.

Table (c)

Number of deaths registered with any mention of hypothermia on the death certificate to females aged 60 years and over and males aged 65 years and over: England, England and Wales 1980–1985.

Year Usual Residents of England Registrations in England and Wales
1980 469 506
1981 535 586
1982 509 549

Year Usual Residents of England Registrations in England and Wales
1983 438 463
1984 445 477
1985 665 722