HC Deb 19 January 1987 vol 108 c404W
Sir Ian Lloyd

asked the Secretary of State for Energy if he will publish in the Official Report an updated version of the information provided in his Department's memorandum to the Energy Committee, published in HC (1985–86) 196-i, so far as the statistics contained in paragraphs 10.1 and 10.2 and relating to the coal tiring scheme are concerned.

Mr. David Hunt

The Department of Energy's memorandum to the Energy Committee relating to the coal firing scheme can be updated as follows.

"The Coal Firing Scheme 10.1 The Secretary of State for Energy announced on the 22 November 1985 that the Government's Coal Firing Scheme will remain open for applications until 30 June 1987. The ceiling of £75 million on the amount of grant that [...]ould be paid was lifted. The scheme gives practical expression to the Government's commitment to the coal industry by providing grant aid in respect of the higher capital cost associated with conversion to coal firing. Companies eligible for Coal Firing Grant may also apply for a loan from the European Coal and Steel Community whose terms are well suited to projects with high initial capital costs. 10.2 At the end of December 1986 there were over 475 active coal firing projects including nearly 420 where the project is already underway and 13 where grant has been offered but not yet accepted. Total annual coalburn for all projects which have been offered grant is £2.7 million tonnes; £50 million has been offered grants and a further £1–4 million grant could result from projects still under consideration.
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