HC Deb 18 February 1987 vol 110 cc606-7W
Ms. Clare Short

asked the Paymaster General if he will provide figures for the most recently available date, and in the table form used at column 157, Official Report, on 29 October 1986, of the number of people who (a) have been interviewed under the restart programme and (b) have been placed into a destination by the Manpower Services Commission for the four London area manpower board areas and for the area manpower board area covering the former Merseyside county council.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The figures given in the form used by my hon. Friend in his reply of 29 October 1986 have to be used with care as they are only a measure of the extent to which we know of direct placements made as the immediate result of an interview. This is not a measure of the total number of people who find work or training directly or indirectly as a result of the restart programme.

Seventy Five per cent. of participants agree to pursue the offer made to them at their interview and we do not know the results of all of them. The immediate placings do not include the many people who subsequently find jobs, or other openings, such as training, as a result of counselling, restart courses, or the outcome of other elements of the restart menu.

Numbers interviewed and placed for the period 12 May to 8 January.

London Number
Interviewed 95,883
Placed in Jobs as a direct result of restart interviews 568
Placed on community programme 1,689
Placed in job clubs 970
Placed on enterprise allowance scheme 332
Placed on training schemes 1,350
Placed on restart courses 6,282
Placed on the voluntary projects programme or in other voluntary work 166
I am not able to apportion the totals for London to specific area manpower board areas.
Interviewed 52,203
Placed in jobs as a direct result of restart interviews 374
Placed on community programme 857
Placed in job clubs 670
Placed on enterprise allowance scheme 107
Placed on training schemes 1,468
Placed on restart courses 4,344
Placed on the voluntary projects programme or in other voluntary work 255