HC Deb 05 February 1987 vol 109 cc760-1W
Mr. Hannam

asked the Paymaster General what are the unemployment figures broken down by male, female and under 25 years, 25 to 50 years of age and over 50 years of age for each of the past four years, in the parliamentary division of Exeter.

Mr. Lee

The table gives the numbers of unemployed male and female claimants in the age groups requested for October of each year since 1983 in the Exeter parliamentary constituency. The comparison is affected by the change in the compilation of unemployment statistics in March 1986.

The information is available in the Library.

three months, (b) six months, (c) nine months, (d) one year, (e) two years, (f) three years and over that period of time that (i) men and (ii) women registered as unemployed in the London borough of Wandswort have been unemployed.

Mr. Lee

The following information is in the Library. The table shows the numbers of unemployed male and female claimants who had been unemployed for the durations requested at 9 October 1986, the latest date for which such an analysis is available, in the London borough of Wandsworth.

Unemployed claimants in the London Borough of Wandsworth at 9 October 1986
Male Female
Under 3 months 2,714 1,707
3 to 6 months 1,442 848
6 to 9 months 1,163 564
9 months to 1 year 739 347
1 to 2 years 1,952 689
2 to 3 years 1,082 333
Over 3 years 2,020 461
Total unemployed 11,112 4,949

Dr. Godman

asked the Paymaster General how many people were employed in the brewing and distilling industry in the United Kingdom in the last year for which figures are available.

Mr. Lee

The Department's employment statistics are produced on a quarterly basis and cannot be expressed in precisely the manner requested.

In September 1986 (the latest date for which figures are available) there were 19,000 employees in employment in the spirit distilling and compounding industry in Great Britain. A further 52,000 were employed in brewing and malting and the production of wines, cider and perry.

Estimates for the brewing and malting industry are not separately available.

These estimates are subject to considerable potential estimation error due to the relatively small number of employees in the industry.

Figures for the United Kingdom are not available.

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