HC Deb 14 December 1987 vol 124 cc325-33W
Mr. Gould

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster if, for each inner city task force, he will list(a) the recipients of grants to the voluntary sector, (b) the size of the grant (c) the purpose of the grant.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The voluntary sector recipients of task force grants, and the size and purpose of these grants, are as follows:

Task Force Funding
Project and Description £
Highfields, Leicester
ISWE Foundation—to provide consultancy support for this Afro-Caribbean organisation 3,000
South Highfields/Vulcan Road Boundary Wall Scheme—joint financing of construction skills training for 15 local people 4,100
ISWE—to support development of a low cost distribution service for ethnic food stuffs to the local community 5,900
Textile Arts Centre—to meet cost of new premises to allow successful community organisation to expand training operation and develop a textile cooperative 165,000
Highfields Workshop Centre—to buy a delivery van to provide transport for 2 Community Programme schemes providing work experience for 30 long-term unemployed local people 10,653
Police Foundation—to help establish a mobile crime prevention workshop 25,000
Leicester Bengali Language School—contribution to expansion of School, in particular to improve its textile training programme for women 15,900
PATH (East Midlands)—to help towards the cost of training for 15, mainly black, young people in housing management 20,730
Raddle Bookshop Computer Training—contribution to City and Guilds certificated computer training project for 30 trainees over two year period 108,326

Project and Description £
Social Responsibility Centre—New Testament Church of God—contribution towards church refurbishment project which will provide on-site construction training for 26 long term unemployed local people 379,426
Leicester Ecology Group—to acquire a building which will house a new 23 place Community Programme scheme waste recycling operation 75,000
SHOP Training Development—to increase amount of textile training for local Gujurati and Bangladeshi women on an existing project in Highfields. Additional creche facilities are also being made available 4,473
North Central Middlesbrough
Cleveland Youth Business Centre: association with Christian Relay, Business in the Community, local businesses and local authorities to provide wide range of help to young people including training and business advice 240.265
Association of Marine and Related Charities (AMARC)—contribution will allow AMARC training agency to expand in Middlesbrough. Over 250 new training places will result 325,000
Cleveland Committee for the Employment of Disabled People (CEDEMP)—to establish 15 place Community Programme fitting conversion kits to cars so they can be used by disabled people 15,000
Action Resource Centre—for feasibility study into creating jobs through cooperation between private sector and local community and voluntary groups 9,000
Police Foundation—to help establish a mobile crime prevention workshop 25,000
Middlesbrough Cooperative Initiative—to meet the initial cost of a Cooperative Initiative in Middlesbrough, based on the successful Mondragon group of cooperatives in Spain 200,000
Cleveland Centre for the Development of Alternative Products—contribution to establishment of centre, which will act as focus for development of innovative products which are of benefit to the community 72,000
Local Residents Economic Initiative Survey—to enable Cleveland Council for Voluntary Service to work up 2 pilot projects 13,635
Ethnic Minority Day Centre for the Elderly—to meet shortfall in funding for centre which will provide day facilities for elderly people from the ethnic minorities 9,000
John Paul Centre Luncheon Club—to establish a luncheon club for at least 60 elderly residents of the area. Nine Community Programme participants will be given full training in catering and cooking skills 10,000
Care and Repair (Cleveland) Limited—contribution to innovative scheme giving disadvantged owner occupiers the opportunity, at low cost, to have detailed annual survey of their properties 27,600
Apex Trust Employment Projects—to help establish a centre which will design and manufacture educational equipment and other aids for the mentally handicapped 18,107
Project Fullemploy Study of Ethnic Minority Training Problems—to find out the kind of training problems faced by ethnic minority residents in the Task Force area 1,000
NACRO Community Laundry—to help set up a local community laundry service for the disabled and elderly 8,132
Shoe Repair/Leatherware Community Business—to help West View Residents Association set up this business 1,600

Project and Description £
Trading Places—towards cost of a Women's Business Focus Day 500
All Saints Volunteers Training Project—to enable the project to provide additional training facilities for basic computer/office skills in Task Force area 19,919
Handsworth, Birmingham
Black Business in Birmingham—for business advice, loans and grants to small business 88,500
MACRO Films—YTS scheme aimed at improving the ratio of black people working in the TV and film industries 60,000 and 9,045
Handsworth Opportunities Programme for Employment (HOPE)—a Community Programme building refurbishment scheme 35,000
Opportunities Industrialisation Centre Feeder Programme—a training package to motivate young people to take advantage of training, employment and self-employment opportunities 47,000
Handsworth Outward Bound—in partnership with the private sector—an opportunity for young people to take part in an outdoor challenge programme 5,300
City and Handsworth Alternative Scheme—a locally based brance of NACRO working with offenders and seeking to place them in employment and training 20,535
CANDEL Potohari Project—provision of building for women's cooperative and a CP scheme aimed at raising awareness of dangers of AIDS and drugs misuse 68,000
Black Star Car Company—car repair Community Programme and Community Business scheme 28,535
Handsworth Builders' Association—to launch an association providing support and advice to small local builders 105,000
Police Foundation—to provide a mobile crime prevention workshop to fit locks, give advice etc., mainly to low income residents in the Task Force area 25,000
Federation of Black Housing Associations—support for conference 4,670
Rotton Park-Winson Green Employment—to set up a foundation, with the co-operation of many local voluntary organisations, aimed at launching/supporting a number of community businesses, creating employment 25,000
Attock Welfare Employment and Training—CP scheme to provide counselling and support to young Muslims and link them to existing training and employment opportunities 10,000
Guru Ravidas Association—to provide training workshops for use by the local community 18,000
Inner City Contracts (Handsworth) Limited—for establishment of a local non profit-making company in the building trade 58,325
Handsworth Employment Scheme Catering Limited —for catering training 44,000 and 9,000
Handsworth Churches Forum—for a package of YTS and CP schemes related to secretarial/ computer skills and for care schemes for elderly and housebound 2,500 and 100,825
Birmingham Young Volunteers—for sample training in various skills for young people in Lozells 8,000
Afro-Caribbean Resource Centre—to provide training for workers in care for the elderly, young children and catering, and to provide these facilities locally 29,000
Lozells Methodist Church/Task Force Undertakings —Electronics Workshop 21,864
Birmingham Interpretation and Translation Service—conversion of voluntary service into community business 32,269

Project and Description £
Inner City Glass Decorating—(CP) scheme 9,400
Rastafarian Enterprise Initiative (Tree of Life Group)—expansion of community business 23,000
Positive Image—Women's Development and Nursery Enterprise Project 42,050
Handsworth Crime Prevention—schemes to provide a service to disabled, elderly and unemployed, including property marking service 1,648
Handsworth Day Care Centre—Latch Key CP scheme 5,000
United Youth Association—building skills training programme 71,875
Schools Outreach—preventative care complementing existing teaching 32,000
Chapletown and Harehills, Leeds
PATH—vocational training for young black people in commercial and financial services 93,349
Teach North Project WTOTO—nursery conversion project 35,575
APEX Trust—towards setting up an unemployment centre 1,000
Apex Trust—training officers salary 12,524
Apex Trust—equipment for Community Resource Centre 2,300
Apex Trust—Two-day event on training opportunities 200
Action Resource Centre—to set up a project development unit in TF area 23,241
Jamacia Society—Leeds/Sight and South Education Limited—for conversion of a building for YTS scheme 132,000
Leeds West Indian Centre Limited (CP)—Visiting service for elderly, personal advice, etc 9,100
Palace Youth Project—employment help centre 1,094
Chapletown and Harehills Enterprise Trust—towards 150 place CP project 249,000
Computer Assisted Learning Project (CHALCS)— training for young people up to 'O' level and beyond 68,000 and 22,147
Project Fullemploy—open learning centre 12,000
Police Foundation—crime prevention project (as for Handsworth, mobile centre 25,000
Self-build Initiative 12,000
196 Chapeltown Road—Church of God of Prophecy —feasibility study 500
NACRO—computer unit 31,000
ACE—Catering project, run through TEAMWORK —Employment Liaison Officer 4,585 10,538
Harehills Lane Baptist Church—nursery/playgroup 29,500
Foleshill and Hillfields, Coventry
Project Fullemploy—multi-ethnic training initiative 20,000
Jobs for Coventry Foundation—business starter units feasibility work 2,500
Jobs for Coventry Foundation—improvements to workspace units 2,500
Jobs for Coventry Enterprise Workshops— preliminary conversion work 33,500
Midshire Trust Limited—feasibility and purchase of building for business starter units 4,000 and 160,000
Coventry Home Insulation Project (CHIP)—training scheme 10,000
APEX Trust—Employment and Enterprise Innovation Centre—Job search facilities for disadvantaged unemployed 27,500
APEX Trust—CP workshop—56 place CP scheme 13,800
Coventry Job Change Limited—purchase of hand tools for workshop for older, long term unemployed 1,000
Coventry Community Workshops—Asian-managed CP agency 40,000 and 5,000
Media Link—purchase of capital equipment for ML training course 5,000

Project and Description £
Care and Repair Scheme with Orbit Housing Association—advice and guidance to elderly owner-occupied 27,200
Oldham & Rochdale Groundwork Trust— contribution to the establishment of a landscape design team 12,000
Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets
UHRU—publicity event to develop work placements and funding links with the private sector 640
Samuel Lewis Housing Trust—to adopt basement premises in a block of flats as workshops 47,090
Tower Hamlets Environment Trust—for a survey into the potential use of vacant land 2,500
Toynbee Housing Association—for estate improvements 5,000
Moss Side, Manchester
Fielden House—contribution to training potential CP managers/supervisors 1,040
Selcare Trust—establish new engineering workshop 25,800
IMPACT—capital expenditure for a bus conversion CP project 23,375
Prince's Youth Business Trust—for grants for young entrepreneurs 26,000
Northen Black Business Association—funding of coordinator cost 10,000
PATH—ethnic minority training in housing management 45,000
Community Knits—capital equipment for CP knitwear project 20,400
Moss Care Housing Association—training for 6 apprentices on a housing/office project 78,848
Intowork—interim revenue support for a young business counselling service 14,210
Project Fullemploy—funding for computer equipment; and a business outreach worker 55,615
Moss Side Youth Club—contribution to BBC-sponsored educational trip to Venice 800
Moss Side Boxing Club—for extension/refurbishment 7,768
Associaion for Educational development—funding for a book-keeper/counsellor post in the local enterprise agency 16,000
NIA project—contribution to establishment of an Afro-Caribbean theatre and performing arts training project 250,000
North Kensington
Carnival Industrial Project—revenue funding for a CP project 15,500
Portobello Trust—loans to young entrepreneurs 2,000
Project Fullemploy—capital equipment; and pre-recruitment training courses 59,540
Notting Hill Housing Trust—seminar to stimulate joint ventures in community improvement 2,000
Mangrove Video and Media Project—capital costs for a CP project 26,300
Latymer Christian Centre—to establish a training centre 111,770
Portobello Trust—funding for workshops for 6 new businesses, and for temporary premises and staff for the support unit 81,920
Moroccan Co-ordinating Committee—contribution to setting up a new voluntary body to initiate employment and training opportunities for the Moroccan community 20,242
Venture Centre—management study to enable a workshop scheme to be set up 518
New Opportunities for Voluntary Action—grant for capital equipment to enable NOVA to run training courses in new technology 6,861
Youth Film Foundation—contribution to establishment of the Foundation to provide training and work experience for young film and television workers 40,815

Project and Description £
Central London Co-operative Development Agency —costs of a feasibility study, plus temporary support for running costs 21,350
North Kensington Amenity Trust—contribution to conversion of 3 bays under Westway to form a sports centre, and managed workshops 224,242
Mangrove Community Association—to refurbish a room for training courses 1,610
Grove Housing Association—to fund a development worker 23,000
Drake Fellowship—to provide outward bound training courses for deprived young people 5,568
NACRO—to provide laundry and repair service for the elderly 32,600
Newfoundland Employment Agency—to develop a training and advice cnetre in St. Pauls 20,300
Project Fullemploy—to provide higher education access course to aid the prospect of employment 10,000
St. Pauls Adventure Playground—to improve safety on the playground 22,000
St. Werburgh's City Farm—to build an educational and community centre 14,000
Stapleton Road Congregational Church—to refurbish the church to provide space for a mothers and toddlers group and other community facilities 10,000
Inkworks Nursery—to provide two additional full-time staff to run the nursery 22,503
New Trinity Community Centre—to refurbish a church to provide a music venue and cultural centre 125,000
East Bristol Youth Housing Association—refurbishment work to provide housing for single homeless 10,000
All Hallows Community Centre—to extend the range of training provision provided by this organisation 15,000
Project Fullemploy—to provide enterprise training to 40 local people 12,800
Youth Workshop Trust—to provide a translation and information service to people whose first language is not English 23,833
Maternity Links—to assist with the cost of running a Women's Health Care Centre 11,000
North Peckham, Southwark
Southwark Environment Trust
1. To convert premises into workshops, office and business units 60,000
2. To provide running costs of the organisation following withdrawal of support from the Council 25,510
South East Adult Training—contribution to Adult Training Couse that provides 100 training places 42,312
Industrial Society—course translation service for Vietnamese to increase take up of training places 15,383
Business in the Community—this provides for the establishment of a Directory of Black businesses in the Greater London area 16,249
Committee Against Drug Abuse—this provides computer equipment to assist the administration and management of this organisation 1,250
Prince's Youth Business Trust (PYBT)—grants to help Task Force area young people start-up in business under the rules of PYBT 10,000
North Peckham Baptist Church—to purchase materials for refurbishing the local church 800
Positive Action Training in Housing—training costs to prepare local black people for jobs in housing management 25,000
Caribbean Teachers Association—to provide capital equipment for an adult training scheme 7,718
Apex—to provide an Employment Resource Centre 26,500

Project and Description £
Work and Schools Project—to train 10 disaffected youngsters prior to an industrial placement 24,771
Video Unit—to train local young people and make a video of the Task Force area in the process 1,175
Fullemploy—to train 10 local people to a standard suitable for employment with the BBC 14,900
Faith Chapel—to assist in the refurbishment of the Chapel to house a centre for the elderly and a creche 14,265
Church and Community Projects—community centre refurbishment costs 20,000
Sojourner Truth Youth Association—to fund a study to improve the managment and administration of this organisation 9,941
AFEME Youth Organisation—this is a Literacy and Communications Course for at least 15 young people 3,000
Mount Shilo Church—for renovation, equipment and staff costs of a Youth Development Centre 40,000
West Midlands Caribbean Parents Association—to provide a studio to enable disadvantaged young people to receive electronics and photographic training 6,000
Gujerati Association—for construction of an extenion to a community centre to provide space for additional training courses 49,500

In addition some voluntary bodies are the recipients of grants to operate in more than one Task Force area. The size and purpose of these is as follows.
Grant (£)
Industrial Society—'Headstart' project providing enterprise information, advice and training for at least 6,000 people in inner city areas (cost shared equally with the MSC) 293,365
Action Resource Centre (ARC)—support for 2 project development posts to arrange private sector support for voluntary projects in inner city areas 41,295
Urban Trust—support for an Employment Initiatives Unit to link private sector support in multi-racial inner city areas with projects meeting the employment, enterprise and social needs of the ethnic minorities 35,380

Task force Source Size Form of contribution
North Peckham Lloyds Bank £100,000 Loans fund with repayments returning to the fund, for loans at preferential rates of interest. Full time secondee to administer fund from January 1988.
Manchester/Moss Side Barclays Bank £50,000 Loans fund with repayments returning to the fund, for loans at preferential rates of interest.
Bristol/St. Paul's National Westminster Bank Concessionary offers on finance and administrative charges. Staff secondment to assist management of fund.
Wolverhampton Co-operative Bank Loans available to grant recipients at preferential rates of interest, plus free banking for one year.
Middlesbrough Barclays Bank £50,000 Loans fund with repayments returning to the fund, for loans at preferential rates of interest. Staffing and administrative support.
Handsworth National Westminster Bank Services of business development manager to administer development fund.
Leeds/Chapeltown Yorkshire Bank Accountant's services to administer fund. Loans/overdrafts at lower rate for applicants referred through the fund.
North Kensington Midland Bank Still under consideration.

The support of the banks for the task force development funds marks a very significant contribution to tackling the problems of the inner cities, and in particular the need by small business there for loan finance

Grant (£)
National Association for the Care of Offenders Resettlement (NACRO)—establishment of Inner City Community Safety Unit to work in Task Force areas 214,194
Also: support for a Development Unit to establish MSC's Job Training Scheme in Task Force areas and develop the scheme in line with future adult training provision 223,971
Evangelical Enterprise—linking Task Force areas with local church network to provide jobs, training, enterprise opportunities and community service for Task Force residents 150,000
Police Foundation—Mobile Crime Prevention Workshop in 3 Task Force areas 75,000
Business in the Community (BIC)—support for the establishment of Neighbourhood Development Partnerships in Task Force areas 265,000
Apex Trust, National Youth Bureau (NYB), Intermediate Treatment Fund (ITF)—Inner Cities Youth Initiative to provide field staff in 2 Task Force areas to develop projects geared to the needs of young ex-offenders and those at risk of offending 99,450

Mr. Gould

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster if he will colsider publishing an annual report and annual accounts for each inner city task force.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

No. The inner cities initiative is aimed at improving the targetting of the money channelled through all existing Government programmes, and receives only a modest top-up budget. I announced the setting up of the initiative to the House in February 1986, and made a statement on its expansion in April of this year. I shall continue to report progress and developments to the House as suitable occasions arise.

Mr. Gould

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of 293,365 Lancaster if, for each inner city task force that has established a development fund, he will list(a) the size and (b) the source of private sector contributions; and whether these contribution are in the form of grants of loans.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The size, source and form of private sector contributions (including advice and administration) to task force development funds is currently as follows:

which would not otherwise be available. Discussions are continuing with other banks, in respect of other task force areas.

Mr. Gould

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster if he will make a statement for each inner city task force on the level of co-operation with the relevant local authority.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

We regard the co-operation and support of the local authority as helpful to the success of the work of our inner-city task forces. I am glad to say that co-operation is generally either good or improving. Where this is not the case we are nevertheless determined to press ahead vigorously with the work of the task forces to achieve our policy objectives and thereby benefit the communities concerned.

Mr. Gould

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster if he will list, for each inner city task force, the recipients, size and purpose of grants or loans from their development fund.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The task force development funds are administered by local enterprise agencies and not directly by the task forces. Individual applications are assessed by the agency concerned and the clearing bank supporting the relevant fund. The full details of every grant that the hon. Member requests could only be provided at disproportionate cost.

Mr. Gould

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster if he will publish a table for each inner city task force area, drawn from 1981 census figures, showing the total population broken down by the usual census categories for age, social class, employment, housing, tenure, socio-economic group, together with a statement of any estimates of change since 1981 made by his Department.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The information is not available in the form requested. I will give the hon. Member a full reply as soon as possible.

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