HC Deb 28 April 1987 vol 115 cc81-3W
Mr. Austin Mitchell

asked the Paymaster General if he will state each annual rate of unemployment in Grimsby from 1979 to the latest available year.

Mr. Lee

The following information is in the Library. The table shows annual average unemployment expressed as a percentage of employees in employment plus the unemployed in the Grimsby travel-to-work area for each year from 1979 to 1986. The figures are not comparable over the whole period because of the change in travel-to-work boundaries, and changes in the compilation of the monthly unemployment count.

Grimsby travel-to-work area
Per cent.
As defined in 1978 as Unemployed registrants
1979 6.1
1980 8.4
19811 12.6
19822 13.9

Per cent.
Unemployed claimants
1983 14.7
As defined in 1984 Unemployed claimants
1984 15.4
1985 16.1
1986 15.2
1 1981 is the average of 10 months.
2 1982 is the average of 10 months only: January to October.

Mr. Austin Mitchell

asked the Paymaster General what has been the annual number of notified redundancies in Grimsby from 1979 to the latest year for which figures are available.

Mr. Lee

Information relating to confirmed redundancies is given in the following table:

Redundancies confirmed as due to occur in Grimsby
Year Number
1979 0
1980 1,005
1981 1,886
1982 880
1983 1,436
1984 1,081
1985 332
1986 517

NoteThe figures measure redundancies confirmed as due to occur, in groups of 10 or more employees, and are based on follow-up action of employers' notifications of redundancies under the Employment Protection Act 1975. Figures for 1985 are provisional.

Mr. Hawksley

asked the Paymaster General how many people were in work in the Telford area in February 1987 and in February 1983; and what percentage of the population this was in each case.

Mr. Lee

The latest available information for new towns such as Telford comes from the 1981 census of population and is contained in the "New Towns Report, England and Wales, part 1", ref: CEN 81 NT(1), a copy of which is in the Library.

Mr. Hannam

asked the Paymaster General if he will list the unemployment figures for Easter for the month of March in each of the years 1975 to 1987.

Mr. Lee

The following information is in the Library. The table gives estimates of seasonally adjusted unemployment (excluding school leavers), consistent with the current count, for March of each year from 1975 to 1987 in the United Kingdom.

Unemployment (excluding school leavers) in the United Kingdom, adjusted for discontinuities and seasonality
March thousands
1975 701.8
1976 1,149.6
1977 1,207.6
1978 1,247.5
1979 1,183.8
1980 1,210.2
1981 2,107.0
1982 2,532.3
1983 2,823.7
1984 2,966.4
1985 3,094.8
1986 3,198.6
11987 3,042.9

1 The March 1987 figure is provisional and subject to revision.

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