HC Deb 27 April 1987 vol 115 cc38-9W
Mr. Meacher

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will estimate for the years 1987, 2007 and 2027 (a) the number of people in the working population, (b) the number of people in the retired population,(c) the average gross income for employment per member of the working population, and (d) the average gross income from pensions per member of the retired population, subdivided between state pensions, occupational pensions and lump sums from occupational pension schemes; with money expressed at 1987 prices and the figures for 2007 and 2027 assuming rates of growth of (i) 1 per cent. per year and (ii) 3 per cent. per year and the impact of personal pensions ignored.

Mr. Major

[pursuant to his reply, 12 March 1987. c. 300–301]: The information is not readily available in the form or for the years requested. Table 1 shows estimated numbers of people in the working population and retired population in 1987–88, 2003–04 and 2023–24. Table 2 shows the estimated average annual gross income from employment per member of the working population in 1987–88, 2003–04 and 2023–24 assuming an annual average earnings growth of (a).1.5 per cent. and (b) 3 per cent. Table 3 shows the composition of pensioners' incomes in 1985.

Table 1
Working Population1 Retired Population2
1987–88 27,550 9,620
2003–04 27,400 9,780
2023–24 26,750 12,160

Table 2 estimated average gross income from employment3
£ per annum £ per annum
1.5 per cent, earnings growth 3 per cent. earnings growth
1987–88 7,200 7,200
2003–04 10,000 12,700
2023–24 13,500 22,900

Table 3 Composition of Pensioners' Incomes 19854
£per week at 1985 prices
Retirement pension and income related benefits 50.80
Other benefits 3.20
Occupational pensions 18.60
Investment income 12.80
Employment earnings 5.80
Total gross income 91.20
1 Total of those in employment or self-employment and unemployed included in Department of Employment monthly published statistics. Assumptions for the number of unemployed in 1987–88 are derived from the Government Actuary's report on the drafts of the Up-rating and Re-rating Orders 1986 (Cm. 24); 6 per cent, unemployment assumed for 2003–04 and 2023–24.

Scotland Wales Northern Ireland United Kingdom
Number of supplementary benefit claimants1 564 290 184 5,156
Number dependent on supplementary benefit1 832 501 372 8,646
Number of housing benefit claimants2 788 372 197 7,317

Note: No information is available on the number dependent on housing benefit.

1 At February 1986.

2 At April 1987.