HC Deb 25 November 1986 vol 106 cc184-5W
Mr. Harris

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food how many ex-Spanish fishing vessels are now registered in the United Kingdom; what was the total 12 months ago; and how many have been removed from the register in the same period.

Mr. Gummer

Currently, out of 15,301 United Kingdom fishing vessels, 50 ex-Spanish fishing vessels are registered in the United Kingdom; a further 23 ex-United Kingdom vessels on the register are beneficially owned by Spanish interests.

At 17 November 1985, 48 ex-Spanish vessels had United Kingdom registration in addition to six ex-United Kingdom vessels which were beneficially owned in Spain. During the period 24 vessels have been removed from the register, but of this total, 11 have subsequently been reregistered.

Mr. Harris

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list the Spanish fishing vessels which have been arrested in United Kingdom waters giving (a) their home ports, (b) where cases against them were heard and (c) what penalties were imposed since the information given to the hon. Member for St. Ives on 14 March 1985, Official Report, columns 263–64.

Mr. Gummer

The information requested is set out in the table; it includes details of Spanish vessels prosecuted and found guilty up to 17 November 1986.

Name of vessel Home port Where case held Penalty
Monte-Maigmo Vigo Falmouth £35,000 plus £700 costs. A prison sentence of 12 months in default of payment of the fine was also imposed.
Elife Gijon Falmouth £10,000 plus costs.
Ria De Aldan Vigo Falmouth £6,000 plus forfeiture of by catch and £375 costs.
Legorpe Qudarroa Falmouth £35,000 and £375 costs.
Jose Cesareo Vigo Falmouth £4,000 plus confiscation of net and undersized fish.
Rio Oitvaen Vigo Falmouth £15,000 plus £425 costs.
Toki Ali Qudarroa Falmouth £20,000 plus £935 costs.
Promontoro Santander Falmouth £2,000 plus retention of prohibited species and £350 costs.
Sargo Vigo Stornoway £11,150.
Fato Sillero Vigo Stornoway £6,900.
Mikel Pasajes Stornoway £1,500 plus £245 value of illegal part of catch.
Olabarria Pasajes Cambleton £2,500 plus £543 value of illegal part of catch.
Vera Cruz Segundo Pasajes Stornoway £12,600.
Playa De Aldens Vigo Falmouth £3,000 plus prohibited catch and £350 costs.
Vilarino Vigo Falmouth £3,200 plus £350 costs.
Las Nives Vigo Plymouth £750 plus £510 costs.
Foral Marin Falmouth £2,650 plus £350 costs.
Uricen Uno Pasajes Falmouth £2,750 plus £350 costs.