HC Deb 05 November 1986 vol 103 cc447-8W
Sir John Page

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs which of his Department's papers have been made available to the public since October 1985.

Mr. Eggar

Since 1 October 1985 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (excluding the Overseas Development Administration) has made the following papers available to the public on request:


  • African Famine
  • Apartheid: Past and Present
  • Libya: Second International Conference against Imperialism
  • Libyan State Terrorism
  • Namibia: Chronology, July-December 1985
  • The OAU and the Plan for Africa
  • Qadhafi and Irish Terrorism
  • The Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC)


  • Britain and Argentina: Towards More Normal Relations
  • British Connexions with Texas
  • Claims to the Falkland Islands
  • Hispanic Americans
  • The Relationship of the Anglophone Caribbean with Other Non-English Speaking States in the Caribbean


  • Afghanistan Report: International Concern
  • Afghanistan at the United Nations
  • Afghanistan: The UN-sponsored Talks
  • Afghanistan Report: Military Situation
  • Afghanistan: Human Rights Report
  • Afghanistan: Tradition and the Revolutionary Process
  • Afghanistan: Change at the Top
  • China-UK: Basic Chronology 1950–55
  • China: Energy Prospects
  • China: Reform and Its Repercussions
  • The Japanese Debate on Education Reform
  • The Kurdish Problem
  • The Question of Cambodia at the UN Commission on Human Rights from 1978
  • The Mongolian People's Republic: General Information
  • Sovietisation of Afghanistan
  • Soviet Activities in the Indian Ocean
  • The Soviet Union's Asian Overtures
  • Vietnam in 1986: Obstacles to Change

Eastern Europe

  • CSCE: Cultural Forum, Budapest 1985
  • East European Energy Prospects

Near and Middle East

  • Arab-Israeli and Lebanon Chronology: August-December 1985
  • Guide to Middle East Peace Plans

Soviet Union

  • New Soviet Party Programme.
  • Soviet Bloc Aid to Special Friends.
  • The Soviet Economy, 1985–86.
  • Soviet Education: The 1984 School Reform.
  • Soviet Energy Prospects.
  • Soviet Fishing off the Developing Countries.
  • Soviet Foreign Trade in 1984.
  • Soviet Party Congress.
  • 448
  • Soviet Union: Continued Repression of Dissent.
  • Unsolved Problems in Soviet Society.

Western Europe

  • Berlin: 25 Years of the Wall.
  • Copenhagen Peace Congress, 1986.
  • Copenhagen Peace Congress: Further Preparations.
  • International Terrorism: The European Response.


  • Arms Control and Disarmament Newsletter No. 25.
  • Arms Control and Disarmament Newsletter No. 26.
  • Arms Control and Disarmament Quarterly Review No. 1.
  • Arms Control and Disarmament Quarterly Review No. 2.
  • Chemical and Biological Weapons: Negotiations for an International Ban.
  • Defence and Disarmament Issues (revised leaflets prepared in conjunction with MOD).


  • Aid to the Developing World.
  • International Debt Problems of Developing Countries.
  • World Food Supplies.
  • World Shipping Prospects.
  • World Oil Supplies.


  • The Balance between Civil and Political Rights and Economic and Social Rights: Origins of the Human Rights Declaration.
  • The Commonwealth: An Estimation of its Value.
  • Government Policy on Overseas Students.
  • Internal Review of the British Government and British Council Funded Student Schemes.
  • International Reaction to Terrorism.
  • Notes on some Major International Space and Satellite Organisations and Spacecraft.
  • Remote Sensing of the Earth from Space.
  • The role of the International Atomic Energy Agency following the Third Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty: An Exchange of Letters.

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