HC Deb 25 June 1986 vol 100 cc160-1W
Mr. Wigley

asked the Attorney-General if he will list those forms, leaflets and pamphlets used in the courts of Wales which are available in the Welsh language or in a bilingual Welsh-English format.

The Attorney-General

The forms listed are currently available in Welsh. All other forms, leaflets and pamphlets can be translated into Welsh on request. Additionally, a bilingual notice is attached to county court summonses that a Welsh translation will be provided on request.

County Court Forms
N1 Default summons (Fixed Amount)
N2 Default summons (Unliquidated)
N3 Fixed date summons (pre-trial review)
N9 Forms of admission, defence and counterclaim to accompany Forms N1, 2, 3, 4
N18 Notice of reference to arbitration
N19 Order referring proceedings to arbitration
N232 Notice to parties of day fixed for hearing
N233 Notice to parties of day fixed for pre-trial review or for giving instructions
Divorce County Court Forms
D8 Divorce Petition—notes for guidance
D8A Statement as to arrangements for children
D8(2) Notice of Proceedings—Party other than Spouse

D8(3) Notice of Proceedings—Respondent Spouse
D8(5) Notice of Proceedings—Respondent Spouse
D9D Notice of receipt of Acknowledgment of service
D10(2) Acknowledgment of Service—Party other than Spouse
D10(5) Acknowledgment of Service—Respondent Spouse
D29A Decree Nisi—Dissolution
D29B Decree Nisi—Dissolution
D29D Decree Nisi—Dissolution
D36 Notice of application for Decree Nisi to be made Absolute
D37 Certificate making Decree Nisi Absolute (Divorce)
D61 Orders Supplementary to Decree Nisi
D65 Declaration—no children
D67 Declaration—Satisfaction
D75 Affidavit of Means
D80B Affidavit by petitioner in support of petition
D84 Request for directions for Trial/Special Procedure
D88 Number slip
D92 Application for Exemption of fees in Matrimonial Proceedings
Crown Court Forms
5222 Jury Summons
5013 Witness notice: After conditional witness order
5014 Witness notice: Failure to attend
5015 Notice to Defendent of suspended sentence
5018 Notice of: Fine, Forfeited recognisance. Costs, Compensation
5020 Notice to Defendant on breach of binding over order
5032 Result of appeal order
5037A Order discharging probation order
5040 Conditional Discharge Order
5053 Certificate of reasons for refusal to state a case
5071 Summons where defendent has not been committed
5072 Witness summons
5074 Summons—offence committed during suspended sentence
5075 Summons—breach of probation or conditional discharge
5085 Listing information
5101 Surety on probation
5103 Recognisance, keep the peace and sureties
5104 General recognisance and sureties
5105 Order of recognisance to keep proper care: Criminal Proceedings (C & YP Act 1969 S7 [7])
5202 Notice to show cause
5206 Certificate for loss of earnings
5212 Letter of excusal for attendance
5213 Letter of non-excusal for attendance
5224 Letter of withdrawal of jury summons
5225 Letter of excusal
5226 Letter of non-excusal
5227 Letter requesting further information
5229 Letter of postponement
5230 Release from jury service
5234 Certificate of Attendance
5222 Jury Service—Explanatory Leaflet

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