HC Deb 11 June 1986 vol 99 cc206-8W
Mr. Willie W. Hamilton

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will publish in the Official Report a table showing details of the accidents occurring at nuclear power stations which were reported to his Department in each of the last 10 years; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Allan Stewart

The following table identifies the incidents occurring at individual Scottish nuclear installations which have been reported to Ministers through Her Majesty's Nuclear Installations Inspectorate under arrangements laid down by the Government of the day in February 1977 and revised in July 1982. The first column gives the appropriate reference from the published quarterly reports of the inspectorate which provide details of incidents and which are available in the Library. Site operators also provide information to Ministers from time to time about incidents which do not fall within the formal reporting criteria but records of these are not readily available and could be obtained only at disproportionate expense.

Incidents at Scottish nuclear installations reported lo Ministers through Her Majesty's Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
Quarterly Statement Reference Number Site Operator
1st Quarterly Statement
77/5 Dounreay Laboratories UKAEA
77/5 Dounreay Laboratories UKAEA
77/9 Hunterston A SSEB
77/10 Chapelcross BNFL
2nd Quarter 1977
77/2/7 Dounreay UKAEA
3rd Quarter 1977
77/3/7 Dounreay UKAEA
77/3/15 Dounreay UKAEA
77/4/3 Chapelcross BNFL
77/4/4 Hunterston SSEB
77/4/14 Hunterston B SSEB
1st Quarter 1978
78/1/8 Hunterston B SSEB
78/1/9 Hunterston A SSEB
78/1/10 Dounreay UKAEA
2nd Quarter 1978
78/2/4 Hunterston A SSEB
78/2/21 Dounreay UKAEA
3rd Quarter 1978
78/3/7 Hunterston A SSEB
78/3/8 Hunterston B SSEB
78/3/19 Hunterston A SSEB
4th Quarter 1978
78/4/1 Chapelcross BNFL
78/4/5 Hunterston SSEB
78/4/9 Hunterston B SSEB
78/4/15 Hunterston B SSEB
78/4/16 Dounreay UKAEA
1st Quarter 1979
79/1/1 Hunterston B SSEB
79/1/4 Hunterston A SSEB
79/1/12 Hunterston SSEB
79/1/14 Chapelcross BNFL
79/1/15 Hunterston B SSEB
2nd Quarter 1979
79/2/1 Hunterston B SSEB
79/2/5 Hunterston A SSEB
79/2/8 Hunterston B SSEB
79/2/9 Hunterston A SSEB
79/2/11 Dounreay UKAEA
4th Quarter 1979
79/4/2 Hunterston A SSEB
79/4/4 Hunterston B SSEB
79/4/5 Dounreay UKAEA
79/4/6 Hunterston A SSEB
Quarterly Statement Reference Number Site Operator
1st Quarter 1980
80/1/2 Hunterston A SSEB
80/1/7 Chapelcross BNFL
80/1/10 Hunterston A SSEB
80/1/13 Hunterston SSFB
2nd Quarter 1980
80/2/1 Hunterston A SSEB
3rd Quarter 1980
80/3/4 Dounreay UKAEA
80/3/10 Dounreay UKAEA
80/3/12 Dounreay UKAEA
4th Quarter 1980
80/4/3 Dounreay UKAEA
1st Quarter 1981
81/1/2 Dounreay UKAEA
81/1/5 Dounreay UKAEA
2nd Quarter 1981
81/2/6 Hunterston A SSEB
3rd Quarter 1981
81/3/5 Dounreay UKAEA
81/3/6 Dounreay UKAEA
81/3/7 Dounreay UKAEA
4th Quarter 1981
81/4/3 Hunterston SSEB
81/4/5 Dounreay UKAEA
1st Quarter 1982
82/1/1 Dounreay UKAEA
82/1/2 Dounreay UKAEA
2nd Quarter 1982
82/2/1 Hunterston SSEB
82/2/3 Dounreay UKAEA
82/2/4 Dounreay UKAEA
4th Quarter 1983
83/4/1 Hunterston SSEB

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