HC Deb 03 June 1986 vol 98 cc397-405W
Dr. Godman

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will publish locations of the three areas of highest rainfall in Scotland for which samples of rainfall have been analysed to detect levels of radiation since the Chernobyl disaster; and if he will publish a full record of the date and time of readings, and the level of each of the various forms of radioactivity which were recorded, together with the normal level and the lower emergency reference level for each such type of radioactivity.

Mr. Ancram

[pursuant to his reply, 23 May 1986, c. 346]: It is not possible to predict where rainfall will be highest and the normal practice, which was used in monitoring rainfall over Scotland following the Chernobyl accident, is to sample at representative locations.

Details of the sampling locations were given in the answer which I gave to the hon. Member for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley (Mr. Foulkes) on 21 May at column 228.

Radionuclides detected in rain have included ruthenium 103, ruthenium 106, iodine 131, iodine 132, caesium 134, caesium 137 and barium 140. The more significant in radiological terms are iodine 131 and the radiocaesium nuclides. Details of the three samples showing the highest concentrations of these are given in the following table, together with the lower derived emergency reference levels for these radionuclides. I will arrange for details of the other radionuclides in these samples and in other samples monitored following the Chernobyl reactor accident to be placed in the Library.

The levels of radioactivity due to fallout present in rainfall in the United Kingdom are monitored routinely as part of a joint programme by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) and the Harwell laboratory of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). Concentrations of caesium 137 reported are generally less than 0.02 becquerel per litre; the shorter lived radionuclides associated with the fallout for the Chernobyl accident are not normally detectable in rainfall.

Mr. John MacKay

[pursuant to his reply, 6 May 1986]: The information requested is set out in the table. Grant assistance under section 10(1) of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 was offered in 1985–86 towards expenditure by voluntary organisations on ongoing activities (core expenditure) and towards the costs of specific projects. The table is divided between core expenditure grants; grants for specific mainstream projects; and grants for projects funded under the current care in the community and drug abuse initiatives.

Grant payments in 1985–86 will not equate exactly with offers of grant made in the same year because of the lead time normally occurring between an offer and take up of grant and the standard practice of retaining a small percentage of the amount offered until audited accounts are presented.

Revenue (£) Capital (£)
(a) Voluntary agencies other than local councils
Aberdeen and North East Association for Mental Health 14,309
Age Concern Scotland 36,000 17,621 (Computer and Office Equipment)
Alzheimers Disease Society 8,000
British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering 28,000 1,875 (Audio Visual Equipment)
British Association for Service to the Elderly 500
Brittle Bone Society 5,000
Community Service Volunteers 16,100
Crossroads (Scotland) 20,900 2,479 (Office Equipment)
Cruse 5,042
Epilepsy Association for Scotland 7,775
Gingerbread 23,200
Intermediate Treatment Resource Centre 110,000 1,831 (Word Processor)
L'Arche 2,800
National Association for Outdoor Education 3,420
National Childminding Association 2,700
National Foster Care Association 6,500
National Playbus Association 10,000 1,168 (Photocopier)
National Schizophrenia Fellowship 10,050
Play Matters 2,100
Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 40,000
Samaritans 6,500
Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders 50,000 5,150 (Computer)
Scottish Association for the Deaf 9,250 12,000 (Database)
Scottish Association for Interpreters of the Deaf 5,880
Scottish Association of Victim support Schemes 14,000
Scottish Association for Mental Health 26,350
Scottish Catholic Marriage Advisory Council 5,062
Scottish Child and Family Alliance 30,700 5,433 (Office Equipment)
Scottish Council for Community and Voluntary Organisations 321,500 43,000 (Computer and Rewiring of Office)
Scottish Council on Disability 191,528
Scottish Council for Opportunity in Play Experience 92,050 8,616 (Office Equipment and Computer)
Scottish Council for Single Homeless 8,000
Scottish Council for Single Parents 28,000 200*
Scottish Downs Syndrome Association 9,115
Scottish Family Conciliation Service 22,666 1,108 (Computer)
Scottish Marriage Guidance Council 38,890 2,370 (Office Equipment and external overhaul of premises)
Scottish Society for the Mentally Handicapped 5,484
Scottish Spina Bifida Association 16,500
Scottish Spinal Cord Injury Association 9,800
Scottish Women's Aid 25,300
Special Equipment and Aids for Living (SEQUAL) 2,100
St. Euphrasia's (Good Shepherd Centre) 180,000
(b). Local Councils of Social Service
Arran Council of Social Service 9,200
Association for Community Action (Clackmannan District) 12,100 100
Association of Local Voluntary Organisations (Lanark) 8,550
Barra and Vatersay Council of Social Service 10,500
Berwickshire Council of Social Service 8,100 411
East Lothian Council for Voluntary Service 7,500
East Sutherland Council of Social Service 8,300
Ettrick and Lauderdale Association of Voluntary Service 7,400
Federation of Borders Councils of Social Service 1,310
Federation of Voluntary Community Development Organisations in the Highland and Islands 2,025

Revenue (£) Capital (£)
Gordon Rural Action Information Network 10,700 250
Harris Council of Social Service 7,650
Inverness Voluntary Organisations Group 13,500 219
Islay Council of Social Service 12,000 3,000 (Offset Printing Press)
Levenmouth Council of Social Service 1,935 137
Lewis Council of Social Service 17,050 2,049 (Photocopier and Filing Cabinet)
Lochaber Voluntary Organisations Group 2,175
Midlothian Council of Social Service 3,450 1,030 (Office equipment and redecoration)
Nithsdale Council of Voluntary Service 4,500 200
North and West Sutherland Council of Social Service 7,720
Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Service 10,760 265
Ross and Cromarty Council of Voluntary Service 13,650 477
Roxburgh Association of Voluntary Service 8,000
Shetland Council of Social Service 16,300 495
Skye and Lochalsh Council of Social Service 12,650
Speyside and District Council of Social Service 12,250
Stewartry Council of Social Service 6,500 799
Stirling District Council of Social Service 17,800 100
Tweeddale Association of Voluntary Organisations 6,000 903 (Central Heating and Office Equipment)
Uist Council of Social Service 14,800 1,777 (Photocopier)
Voluntary Association of Nairn Groups 3,100
Voluntary Services Orkney 13,500
West Lothian Council of Social Service 10,750
Aberlour Child Care Trust: Stirling (Intermediate Treatment) Project 26,500 22,000 (Building Renovation)
Aberlour Child Care Trust: (Bellyeoman Road Unit) 11,092 (Minibus)
Age Concern Scotland: Fundraising Project 10,000
Albyn House Association: Designated Place and Support Hostel for Drunken Offenders 110,000
Blantyre Volunteer Group: DLVA Initiative† 1,970
Broadcasting Support Services Parent Programme 4,000
Burnfoot Project (Intermediate Treatment) 6,000
Call Centre: Research Project into new technology to meet the needs of disabled people 10,000
Church of Scotland: Simpson House Drugs Project 25,000 3,500 (video equipment)
Annan House 80,000 20,000 (Alterations to premises)
Deeford House 11,500 10,000 (Conversion Works)
Edinburgh Prison Liaison Worker 12,500
Clydesdale Project (Intermediate Treatment) 30,000 15,945 (Landrover refurbishment and equipment)
Community Service Volunteers: Independent Living Scheme Scotland 10,856
Cowdenbeath Befriending Scheme (Intermediate Treatment) 12,730
Dixon Centre for Retired Citizens: Respite Care Project 21,000 (Building Conversions etc …)
Dr. Barnardo's: West Lothian Family Support team 11,250
Dumfries Community Project (Intermediate Treatment) 20,000 5,000 (Refurbishments)
Dundee Children's Trust: Mars Project (Intermediate Treatment) 35,000
East Wigtown Youth Project (Intermediate Treatment) 15,000
Family Care: Development of Scottish Adoption Registry and Associated Parents Register 16,940 22,800 (Computer)
Galashiels Youth Project (Intermediate Treatment) 5,000
Glasgow Volunteer Centre 5,658 (Computer System)
Machars Action: DLVA Initiative† 6,855
Mary Slessor Centre: Youth Project (Intermediate Treatment) 33,000
Motherwell Community Transport Project 49,500 (four vehicles)

Revenue (£) Capital (£)
National Cyrenians: Travelling Expenses of Fieldworker's visits to Scotland 500
National Foster Care Association: Establishment of Scottish Branch 17,000
National Schizophrenia Fellowship: Dublin Street Project 5,000
Perth Volunteer Befriending Scheme (Intermediate Treatment) 16,000
Pilton Youth Programme (Intermediate Treatment) 23,000
Quarriers Homes: Overbridge Project (Units for deaf/blind young persons) 50,000 (Construction Costs, Furnishings and fittings)
Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Children: Special Unit 30,270 1,706 (Car and equipment)
Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders:
Central Region: Accommodation Centre 12,000
Lothian Region: Epworth Hall Day Centre 26,800 7,452 (Building)
Strathclyde Region: Renfrew Street Centre 2,403 (Building)
Tayside Region: Visitor Centre at Perth Prison 1,500
Scottish Association for Mental Health: Supported Accommodation Unit 10,220
Scottish Council on Alcoholism: Drinkwise '85 Campaign 10,000
Scottish Women's Aid: Children's Worker 12,200 505
Stranraer Youth Project (Intermediate Treatment) 20,000 3,000 (Building Renovation)
Strathkelvin Project (Intermediate Treatment) 45,000 1,200 (General Refurbishment)
Voluntary Service Aberdeen: Solvent Abuse Project 22,113
Age Concern Scotland: Glasgow Project for Dementia Sufferers 33,000 7,426 (Office Equipment)
Alzheimers Disease Society:
Kirkaldy Project 10,428 1,630 (Office Equipment)
Paisley Project 21,586 2,160 (Office Equipment)
Archdiocesan Council for the Mentally Handicapped:
Duffy House Respite Care Scheme 30,000 1,516 (Household Equipment)
British Red Cross Society (Scottish Branch): Home Reach Project for Young Chronic Sick 6,000 37,700 (Equipment for Specialised Unit)
Bute Telephone Neighbour Support Scheme 500
Carrickvale Community Centre 622 387
Craigshill Good Neighbour Network 2,913 934 (Recreation Equipment)
Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme:
Nairn Project 5,000
Ross and Cromaity Project 16,815 950
Dundee Association for Mental Health: Kandahar House Project 9,330 9,200 (Office Equipment and Building Work)
Edinburgh University Settlement 12,000 3,139 (Office Equipment)
Levenmouth Council for Social Service: Day Centre for the Confused Elderly 15,000
National Schizophrenia Fellowship: Stafford Centre for Schizophrenics 11,000 8,650 (Building Work)
North Edinburgh Action Group: Area 5 964
Perth Associaton for Mental Health (Link Club): Day Centre for the Mentally Handicapped 18,500 5,962 (Office Equipment and Building Work)
Scottish Society for the Mentally Handicapped: Dunfermline Respite Care Scheme 8,500
SENSE in Scotland 10,000 459
Skye and Lochalsh Committee for Disability: Activity Centre for the Mentally Handicapped 4,500
The Thistle Foundation: Respite Care Project for the Severely Disabled 8,200 22,800 (Specialised Equipment)
Three Villages Community Care Project 300

Revenue (£) Capital (£)
Aberdeen Community Drug Advice and Counselling Service 50,000
Drug Problem Resource Group: Kilmahew House Drugs Project 22,000
West Edinburgh Support Team 1,000
Inverclyde Drugline: Telephone Helpline 4,000
The Candle Centre: Addiction Centre 35,000 5,000 (Furnishings and Finings)
"The Place" Possilpark, Glasgow: Drugs Project 4,000
Scottish Churches House, Dunblane: Drug Training Project Seminar 1,500
Grants to organisations to meet the replacement salary costs of staff under training 180,624
Scottish Office Contribution to the Family Fund 602,134
Volunteer Development Scotland 2,103 (Office)Equipment)
Total 3,614,224 487,840

NOTE 1: Capital grants of less than £1,000 not itemised relate to office equipment, fumishings etc.

NOTE 2: The DVLA initiative was financed jointly with the voluntary services unit, Home Office, for the purpose of research into different methods of developing local voluntary action. The two projects listed comprised the Scottish elements in this project.

Mr. Tony Banks

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what departmental business took a ministerial car to Greek street, W1, in 1985 which led to a parking ticket being issued.

Sir George Young

I have been asked to reply. I shall answer this question shortly.