HC Deb 11 February 1986 vol 91 cc450-4W
Mr. McWilliam

asked the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list he European countries involved in collaborative programmes with the United Kingdom in the procurement of defence systems, together with the dates of the memoranda of understanding, the proportion of work in percentage and pounds sterling terms which accrues to each country in respect of the procurement order for each system for each country; the companies involved; and what information he has as to whether any such company or its employees have been the subject of any prosecution in their own, or any other country concerning the supply of arms or ammunition to another country within the last seven years, and the countries which it is alleged were so supplied.

Mr. Norman Lamont

[pursuant to his reply, 10 February 1986]: Details of collaborative defence equipment programmes in which the United Kingdom participates with other European countries are set out. The workshare is expressed as the broad percentage of work in each project which each nation should achieve under the terms of the relevant memorandum of understanding. It is not our practice to publish costing details for individual equipment projects. The companies listed are those principally involved in each project in each of the participating nations; in addition, large numbers of companies are involved in subcontract and other work.

It is not practicable to provide the comprehensive information sought on prosecutions concerning the supply of arms and ammunition. Memoranda of understanding for collaborative defence equipment projects include appropriate arrangements governing the supply of that equipment to third parties in which we naturally seek to safeguard United Kingdom interests. But each participating Government must be responsible for exercising their national export control regulations.

European collaborative projects involving the United Kingdom
Project Other Nations Date of first MOU Work share Companies Involved (and Status of project)
Tornado Federal Republic of Germany, Italy July 1968 UK 48 per cent. Airframe: PANAVIA (Joint Company)—BAe, (UK) MBB (GE)
GE 40 per cent. Aeritalia (IT)
IT 12 per cent. Engine:—TURBO UNION (Joint Company) Motoren Und (GE) Rolls royce (UK), Fiat (IT) (Production)
Jaguar France May 1965 Equal Share Airframe: SEPECAT (Joint Company)—BAe (UK). AMD-BA (FR)
Engine: Rolls Royce (UK) Turbomeca (FR) (Production)
Lynx France February 1967 UK 84 per cent. Westland (UK), Aerospatiale (FR) (Production)
FR 16 per cent.
Puma France February 1967 UK 20 per cent. Westland (UK), Aerospatiale (FR) (Production)
FR 80 per cent. (approx)
Gazelle France February 1967 UK 60 per cent. Westland (UK), Aerospatiale (FR) (Production)
FR 40 per cent.
EH 101 Italy November 1979 UK 50 per cent. Westland (UK) Augusta (IT) (Development)
IT 50 per cent.
RTM 322 France June 1985 Approx Equal Shares Rolls Royce (UK), Turbomeca (FR) (Development)
Martel France September 1969 UK 53 per cent. BAe (UK) SNIAS (FR) (Production)
FR 47 per cent.
Milan France, Federal Republic of Germany October 1976 UK 33.3 per cent. Euromissile (Joint Company) consisting of MBB (GE) and Aerospatiale (FR). Licensed manufacture by BAe from Euromissile but any further development costs shared [...]⅓ each.
FR 33.3 per cent.
GE 33.3 per cent.
SRARM Belgium, Canada, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United States February 1985 Equal Shares 2 Consortia:
1. BAe (UK), AEG (GE), BDM (US), Snia BPB Spe (IT), Garratt (CA) Philips (BE) Hollandse Signaal Apparaten by (NL)
2. Ford Aerospace (US)—Electtronica (IT), Fokker (NL), Marconi (UK), MBB (GE), SABCA (BE), British Aerospace (CA) (Feasibility Study)
LRSOM United States, Federal Republic of Germany July 1984 Equal Shares 2 Consortia:
1. Boeing (US), BAe (UK), MBB (GE)
2. General Dynamic (US), Hunting (UK), Donner (GE) (Feasibility Study)
TRIGAT France, Federal Republic of Germany October 1976 Equal Share Euromissile—BAe, MBB Aerospatiale (Definition Phase)
ASRAAM Federal Republic of Germany, Norway January 1980 UK 45 per cent. Joint Co EMbH(BBG) Comprising BAe (UK), BGT (GE), Raufoss (NO) (Definition Phase)
GE 45 per cent.
NO 10 per cent.
FH 70 Federal Republic of Germany, Italy July 1968 (GE/UK) October 1970 (GE, IT, UK) UK 36.25 per cent. VSEL (UK), RO plc (UK), Rheinmetall (GE), WNC Nitrochemie (GE), Oto Melara (IT), SNIA-BPD & Simmel (IT) (Production)
GE 36.25 per cent.
IT 27.5 per cent.
SP 70 Federal Republic of Germany, Italy July 1973 UK 38 per cent. RO plc (UK), Rheinmetall (GE), Oto Melara (IT) (Development)
GE 50 per cent.
IT 12 per cent.
European Fighter Aircraft (EFA) Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Spain NADs statement Turin—August 1. MOU still under negotiation UK 33 per cent. Airframe consortium—BAe (UK), MBB/Dornier (GE), Aeritalia (IT), CASA (SP)
GE 33 per cent.
IT 21 per cent. Engine consortium—Rolls Royce (UK), Mororen Und Turbinen Union (GE), Filt (IT), Sener (SP) (Project Definition)
SP 13 per cent.
MLRS III France Federal Republic of Germany United States January 1984 FR 22 per cent. Martin Marietta (US), Brandt Armaments (FR), Thorn EMI (UK), Diehl Gmbh (GE) (Development)
GE 22 per cent.
UK 22 per cent.
US 34 per cent.

Project Other Nations Date of first MOU Work share Companies Involved (and Status of project)
NFR 90 Canada France Federal Republic of Germany Italy Netherlands Spain United States April 1984 Equal Share British Shipbuilders (UK), Thompson Sintra (FR), Acres International (CA), MTG Marinetechnik (GE), Cantieri Navali Italiani (IT), Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (NL), EN Bazan (SP), Westinghouse (US) (Feasibility Study)
Sea Gnat United States Denmark Federal Repulic of Germany Norway January 1977 GE & NO withdrawal from the Project Development undertaken by US —Hycor (US) (Development/Production)
MLRS I (European production) United States France Federal Republic of Germany Italy June 1979 FR 18 per cent. Production Contract not let. Competitive Tender. Contractor's names Commercial in Confidence (Production)
GE 51 per cent.
IT 4 per cent.
UK 27 per cent.
Sidewinder AIM 9L Federal Republic of Germany Norway Italy January 1979 GE 53 per cent. Bodenseewerk BGT (GE), BAe (UK), Snia BPD (IT), Raufoss (NO) (Production)
UK 29 per cent.
NO 9 per cent.
IT 9 per cent.
NH 90 Helicopter Netherlands Federal Republic of Germany France Italy September 1985 Equal Shares Westland (UK), Fokker (NL), Agusta (IT), Aerospatiale (FR), MBB (GE) (Feasibility Study)

BE = Belgium IT = Italy
CA = Canada NL = Netherlands
DE = Denmark NO = Norway
FR = France SP = Spain
GE = Federal Republic of Germany US = United States