HC Deb 06 February 1986 vol 91 cc223-5W
Mr. Michael Forsyth

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list in the Official Report those voluntary bodies and organisations assisted by his Department with grant aid in the last financial year for which figures are available, and the size of the grant so given.

Mr. Douglas Hurd

The Home Office made the following grants to voluntary organisations in the financial year 1984–85.

Grants administered by the voluntary service unit
Action Resource Centre 27,000
Association of Researchers in Voluntary Action & Community Involvement 10,300
Barton, Oxford Community Computer Project 7,500
Birmingham Settlement 22,300
British Association for Counselling 4,500
British Association of Settlements & Social Action Centres 26,500
British Council of Churches (Community Work Resource Unit) 19,700
CETU 25,500
Church Army (Inner Cities Unit) 15,000
Community Projects Foundation 851,000
Community Service Volunteers 521,000
Community Transport 37,400
COPE 4,900
Councils for Voluntary Service—National Association 7,000
Councils for Voluntary Service—NCVO Consultancy Project 2,765
Coventry Voluntary Services Council (Media Project) 6,625
Drake Fellowship 15,000
Federation of Community Work Training Groups 22,850
Festival Welfare Services 21,000
Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments 25,000
Gamblers Anonymous—General Services Board 1,000
Hammersmith & Fulham Race RElations Project 22,000
Horticultural Therapy—Land use Volunteers 6,000
International Voluntary Service 19,000
Kent Volunteer Bureau 22,000
Leicestershire Race Awareness Consortium 22,200
Local Authorities Race Relations Information Exchange 845
Manchester Council for Voluntary Service 7,475
Merseyside Council for Voluntary Service 15,000
Midlands Group of Volunteer Organisers 23,880
National Association of Young People's Counselling & Advisory Services 26,200
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (Grant-in-Aid) 830,000
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (Management Development Unit) 2,250
National Council for the Welfare of Prisoners Abroad 12,000
National Federation of City Farms 26,500
National Federation of Community Organisations 89,500
Northern Association for Community Care (Bendrigg Lodge) 35,000
Pensioners Link (formerly Task Force) 93,000
Princedale Trust (for Release) 70,000
Retired Executives Action Clearing House 18,025
Sefton Community Resource Action Project 7,000
Standing Conference of Women's Organisations 3,250
Stonebridge (Harlesden) Bus Garage Project 20,000
Student Community Action Development Unit 23,900
Time for God 9,900
Turning Point (Lewisham) 8,000
United Funds 9,750
Volonteurope 1,875
Volunteer Centre 625,000
Warrington Workshop for Voluntary Action 10,700
West End Coordinated Voluntary Services 111,750
Women's Royal Voluntary Service (Grant-in-Aid) 4,380,000
Young Volunteer Resource unit of the National Youth Bureau 116,800
Grants for the development of local voluntary action scheme
Special programme
Hull Community Resources Development Project 19,100
North East Training for Community Work 25,910
Newham Parents Community Resource Programme 6,308
Salford Community Involvement Project 13,975
Social Care Assembly for Normanton, West Yorkshire 14,400
Training for Voluntary Organisations (Southampton) 13,500
Waveney Project (Suffolk) 11,250
Wiltshire Information Resource Exchange 18,800
Small Grants Scheme
County Durham 9,270
Wrekin District 10,000
Charity Reviews
Lancashire 17,600
Norfolk 8,896
Grants for Refugees
Vietnamese Programme 265,000
British Refugee Council 400,152
Ockenden Venture 64,626
Grants (or grants-in-aid) to other bodies
International Social Service of Great Britain 118,982
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents 10,500
Grants administered by immigration and nationality department
United Kingdom Immigrants Advisory Service 801,000
Grants administered by prison department
Community Service Voluteers 96,030
Grants administered by criminal department
Anchor Club, Leicester 8,750
Apex Trust 60,000
Birmingham Prisoners Visitors Centre 3,700
Bristol Prisoners Visitors Centre 1,191
Brixton Prisoners Visitors Centre 4,160
Burnbake Trust 12,275
Catholic Marriage Advisory Council (grant-in-aid) 108,890
Circle Trust 36,400
Crypt Association, Wolverhampton 5,152
City Roads (Crisis Intervention) Ltd. 23,560
Dartmoor Accommodation Scheme 6,297
Family Welfare Association (grant-in-aid) 16,750
HACRO Crisis and Support Centre 5,150
Hampshire Care Trust 780
Hull Prison Visitors Centre 1,300
Institute of Marital Studies (grant-in-aid) 265,900
Jewish Marriage Education Council (grant-in-aid) 6,000
Leeds Prisoners Visitors Centre 1,250
Lewes Prisoners Visitors Centre 115
Lifeline, Manchester 13,813
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (grant-in-aid) 583,985
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders—Education Advisory Service 24,850
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders—Education Development Officer 24,250
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders—Training Grant 115,492
National Association of Victims Support Scheme 50,000
National Association of Voluntary Hostels 37,568
National Marriage Guidance Council (grant-in-aid) 827,460
New Bridge 16,480
North East London St. Leonards Society 1,526
North Eastern Prison After-Care Society 832
Preston and District Lodgings Scheme 2,288
Prisoners Wives and Families Society 3,850
Prisoners Wives Service 6,910
St. Giles Day Centre 4,472
Society of Voluntary Associates (SOVA) 38,899
Special Needs Housing Advisory Service 5,200
South Yorkshire DACRO 3,620
Trinity Wet-shelter, Birmingham 17,200
York ACRO 14,309

Criminal Department also made grants for some 350 hostels and similar accommodation schemes, administered by voluntary organisations in which places are provided for offenders; and one-off grants to voluntary organisations providing day facilities and other services. In 1984–85 these grants totalled £4,481,577.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list in the Official Report the governmental agencies to which his Department gives grant aid which in turn provide financial support for voluntary bodies and organisations, and the size of the grant so given in the last financial year for which figures are available.

Mr. Hurd

The agencies concerned are the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission. In 1984–the CRE made grants to voluntary bodies of £3.828 million and the EOC made grants to voluntary bodies of £56,000.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will outline the steps which his Department takes to ensure that grant aid given to voluntary bodies and organisations, whether directly or indirectly, is not used for political purposes.

Mr. Hurd

It is the clearly stated policy of the Home Office, the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission that grants cannot be given to voluntary bodies and organisations for political purposes. Grants are monitored to confirm that money is spent for the purposes for which it is made available.