HC Deb 06 February 1986 vol 91 cc208-10W
Mr. Michael Forsyth

asked the Secretary of State for Energy (1) if he will list in the Official Report those voluntary bodies and organisations assisted by his Department with grant aid in the last financial year for which figures are available, and the size of the grant so given;

(2) if he will list in the Official Report the governmental agencies to which his Department gives grant aid which in turn provide financial support for voluntary bodies and organisations, and the size of the grant so given in the last financial year for which figures are available;

(3) if he will outline the steps which his Department takes to ensure that grant aid given to voluntary bodies and organisations, whether directly or indirectly, is not used for political purposes.

Mr. Peter Walker

The Department made the following grants under its energy efficiency programme in 1984–85 (the last year for which figures are available):

Neighbourhood Energy Action 80,905
Feasibility and training grants
Dundee Inner City Neighbourhood Energy Action 777.05
Bexhill Council for Voluntary Service 682.35
Bridgeton—Burrowfield Heating Action 833.00
Clydebank Household Insulation Programme 681.30
Aberdeen Friends of the Earth 500.00
NAG Energy Project Caernarfon 1,026.19
Cornwall Rural Community Council 2,999.65
The Boys Brigade 500.00
Greater Easterhouse Residents Committee 1,666.00
Leeds Friends of the Earth 98.55
Cambridge Friends of the Earth 104.30
Urban Centre for Appropriate Technology (Bristol) 555.80
Midlothian Council for Social Services 493.20
Carnwadric Tenants Association 833.00
Canterbury and District Enterprise Trust 1,050.00
Scottish Neighbourhood Energy Action 4,586.00
Portsmouth Housing Association 141.60
Organisation for Mutual Enterprise and Group Aid 425.00
Wyre Forest Friends of the Earth 585.00
South Nitshill Community Association 333.00
Newport Neuern Energy Group 2,400.00
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders 4,024.32
Hull Energy Action Team 4,765.00
Dartington Institute 3,487.90
London Energy and Employment Network 16,987.25
Tynedale Energy Group 131.35
Sandwell Council for Voluntary Service 792.45
Churches Community Programme 2,362.75
Burnage Christian Council 52.00
Shelter (Scotland) 1,760.20
Energy Concern Community Programme Agency 620.00
Beth Johnson Foundation 492.80
Merseyside Council for Voluntary Service 800.00
Blairgowrie Youth Project 800.00
Nottingham Friends of the Earth 3,200.00
Jubilee Community Association (Birkenhead) 742.00
Merseyside Energy Advice Unit 193.80
Northamptonshire Social Services 78.00
Abbeyview Community Council 790.29
Heatwise Glasgow 800.00
Medway Towns "Young Employment Project" 800.00
Board for Social Responsibility (Suffolk) 1,000.00
Oldham Unemployed Workers Centre 107.20
Leominster District Community Association 891.75
Islay Council for Social Service 800.00
Tauntor Deane Council for Voluntary Service 886.55
Energy Support Unit (Sunderland) 56.75
Project Grants
NACRO (National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) 53,350.94
Coventry Home Insulation Project 2,770.00
North Manlake Community Programme 4,928.88
Wolverhampton Friends of the Earth 2,111.00
Community Activities and Training in Ogwr 4,654.60
Age Concern 15,000.00
Birmingham Friends of the Earth 810.00
Urban Centre for Appropriate Technology 11,958.13
Brent Energy Services Team 4,986.25
Boys Brigade, Birmingham 5,000.00
Dudley Community Programme Agency 2,370.61
Cornwall Rural Community Council 14,967.00
Portsmouth Care and Repair 4,950.00
Pen Green Community Development Project 4,849.80
Scottish Neighbourhood Energy Action 43,500.00
Bexhill Council for Voluntary Service 5,000.00
Dundee Inner City Neighbourhood Energy Action Centre 4,250.00
Burnage Christian Council 5,000.00
Oldham Unemployed Workers Centre 4,991.45
Gorgie Dalry 4,652.11
Gordon Rural Action Information Network (Aberdeen) 6,799.36
Brighton and Hove Community Programme Agency 2,134.40
Sheffield Council for Voluntary Service 2,000.00
Cambridge Training Associated 3,545.00
Energy Concern 9,310.00
Community Council of Shropshire 15,500.00
Dartington Institute 4,000.00
Churches Community Centre 15,000.00
Tweeddale Association of Voluntary Service 3,944.04
Keeping Kirklees Warm 2,114.60
Rhondda Enterprise 2,550.00
North Tyneside Council for Voluntary Service 2,000.00
Shelter (Scotland) 2,500.00
Class Time, Norwich 2,000.00

These are commitment figures. Accounting procedures preclude the separate identification of payments without disproportionate expense.

Although no grant was made in 1984–85 the Department has agreed to make a grant of £3,000 in each of the financial years 1985–86 to 1988–89 to the petroleum law education trust.

Both the petroleum law education trust and neighbourhood energy action are registered charities, and are thus precluded from engaging in political activity. The bona fides of applicants for seedcorn grants are checked with neighbourhood energy action before grants are committed.

Project grants go only to bodies engaged in projects using the Manpower Services Commission's community programme, under whose rules they are forbidden to engage in political activity. Compliance is monitored and enforced by the MSC.

In addition, in 1984–85 and 1985–86 the Department has made a grant-in-aid to the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority who have made a number of minor donations to voluntary bodies, the largest of which in 1984–85 was £50 to the police memorial trust.