HC Deb 03 June 1985 vol 80 cc38-9W
Mr. Cartwright

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will estimate the volume of radioactive waste likely to arise as a result of decommissioning a civil Magnox and advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactor power station.

Mr. Waldegrave

The CEGB has estimated that decommissioning a typical 500 MW(e) Magnox reactor will give rise to about 14,000 m³ of low-level waste at the stage of dismantling plant external to the reactor biological shield and about a further 13,000 m³ of low-level waste and 7,500 m³ of intermediate-level waste in subsequent dismantling of the biological shield and remaining plant (stage 3).

The corresponding figures for a typical 1,300 MW(e) AGR are 4,500m³ of low-level waste at the earlier of these stages, and 5,200m³ of low-level waste and 6,500m³ of intermediate level waste at the later stage.

Mr. Cartwright

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the approximate volumes of radioactive waste currently stored at each of the civil nuclear installations in the country, including the reprocessing plant at Sellafield.

Mr. Waldegrave

The general practice is to dispose of low-level wastes as they arise. Approximate volumes of stocks of other wastes in January 1985 are given as follows for each nuclear installation. These figures are based on information of stocks in January 1984 and estimates of arisings during 1984 which have been agreed between my Department and NIREX:

Sellafield 27,500 Intermediate-level waste
1,165 High-level liquids
Springfields 1,360 Uranic residues
Capenhurst 660 Uranic residues
CEGB Stations: Stocks of intermediate level wastes
Berkeley 1,400
Bradwell 320
Dungeness 320
Hartlepool 20
Heysham 20
Hinkley Point 900
Oldbury 260
Sizewell 230
Transfynydd 370
Wylfa 25
SSEB Stations
Hunterston 1,760
Torness Zero
Dounreay 780 High-level liquids
450 Miscellaneous solid inter mediate-level wastes
Harwell 80 Intermediate-level wastes
Winfrith 320 Intermediate-level wastes