HC Deb 26 February 1985 vol 74 cc89-91W
Mr. Austin Mitchell

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he will publish in the Official Report a table showing for each of the agricultural products regulated under the common agricultural policy the amount of levy payable in the United Kingdom on importation from third countries, the amount of customs duty, the intervention or threshold price, the target price and the United Kingdom market price and the world price.

Mr. MacGregor

[pursuant to his reply, 21 February 1985, c. 583]:Detailed information about intervention, threshold and target prices was set out in table 2 of my right hon. Friend's reply of 4 December 1984 at column 105. Full information about customs duties is contained in the United Kingdom "Tariff and Overseas Trade Classification," a copy of which is in the Library of the House. The remainder of the information requested is set out for the main products in tables 1 and 2. The "world prices" shown in table 1 are generally the lowest offer prices at the Community frontier underlying the commission's calculaton of the variable import levies. I remind the hon. Member that these are the lowest prices recorded and it is highly likely that on average higher prices would have to be paid if larger quantities were to be purchased on world markets. The "world prices" shown do not necessarily relate to the same quality or presentation of product for which United Kingdom market prices are set out in table 2.

Table 1
Levy applicable in the United Kingdom and Notional "World" price* on 13 February 1985 for the main traded agricultural commodities
Levy† applicable in United Kingdom Notional "world" price
(£/tonne) (£/tonne)
Common wheat 43 128
Barley 45 111
Maize 34 122
Rice 334 174
Sugar ‡282 132
Olive oil 384 894
Butter ≑1,326 911
Skimmed milk powder 638 528
Beef and veal ¶1,426 1,005
Pigmeat 238 1,000
Sheepmeat •— 1,830
Poultrymeat 132 776
Eggs 208 608
* "World" prices have been calculated by subtracting the levy applicable on 13 February from the threshold/guide price. The beef price is also adjusted for duty. In the case of pigmeat, poultrymeat and eggs, the "world" price has been taken as the sluicegate price, less supplementary levy where appropriate. The resulting estimate has been converted from ECU/t at the appropriate market rate of exchange £0.651359 =1 ECU;
† The rates of levy vary for different tariff headings. The rates quoted are: beef and veal—carcase; pigmeat—carcase; poultrymeat—70 per cent. chickens; rice — wholly milled long grain; olive oil — virgin lampante; eggs — in shell including supplementary levy. Levies are shown after deduction of the monetary compensatory amount where applicable;
‡ In practice the United Kingdom's imports from third countries are normally covered by the Lomé convention and enter the Community levy-free;
≑ A special lower rate of levy is applicable to imports of butter from New Zealand;
¶ Most imports of beef from third countries are subject to special arrangements allowing entry at reduced levy rates;
• Imports of lamb under voluntary restraint arrangements with principal suppliers and related agreements are subject to a reduced charge of 10 per cent. ad valorem. Any imports outside these arrangements are subject to levies which cannot exceed the 20 per cent. tariff bound in the GATT.

Table 2
Selected average market/wholsale prices United Kingdom Week ending 9 February 1985
Common wheat (grower to merchant price England and Wales) 112
Barley (grower to merchant price England and Wales) 112
Maize (USA export Bristol) 159
Rice (US long grain—London) 570
Sugar (refined bulk granulated) 419
Olive oil (EC origin, cif UK) 1,847
Butter (English, wholesale, London) 2,270
Skimmed milk powder (list price) 1,050
Fat cattle, certified UK (liveweight) 947
Fat sheep, certified, GB (estimated dressed carcase weight) 1,687
Fat pigs (all pigs, deadweight) 1,032
Poultrymeat (broilers, liveweight) 557
Eggs (size 3, packer to producer price) 579


A wide range of price quotations exists for individual commodities depending on quality, presentation, stage of marketing and so on. Those shown are intended to be illustrative of prices paid by wholesalers or received by producers.