HC Deb 17 December 1985 vol 89 cc139-40W
Mr. Tony Lloyd

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he will list for each constituency in the north-west region which lie within the assisted areas the total offered under the new regional industrial policy.

Mr. Peter Morrison

[pursuant to his reply, 12 December 1985, c. 717]: The figures quoted in the letter of 27 November of my right hon. and learned Friend the Secretary of State have been updated to take into account the last three weeks. There are a number of differences and the particularly large ones are noted at the end of his reply. The information the hon. Gentleman has requested is therefore as follows:

Constituency Amount offers (£'000)
Ashton-under-Lyne 140.0
Birkenhead 449.0
Blackburn 525.0
Bolton, North East 208.0
Bolton, South East 91.5
Bolton, West 175.0
Bootle 722.7
Bury, North 137.0
Bury, South 40.0
Chorley 186.3
City of Chester 849.2
Crosby 143.0
Eddisbury 275.4
Ellesmere Port and Neston 152.9
Halton 1,406.5
Heywood and Middleton 385.0
High Peak 1,620.00
Hyndburn 368.0
Knowsley, North 605.7
Knowsley, South 8,500.0

Constituency Amount offers (£'000)
Leigh 1,228.4
Littleborough and Saddleworth 468.0
Liverpool, Broadgreen 394.8
Liverpool, Garston 1,687.5
Liverpool, Mossley Hill 56.5
Liverpool, Riverside 1,036.0
Liverpool, Walton 583.7
Liverpool, West Derby 33.0
Makerfield 1,108.6
Manchester, Blackley 25.0
Manchester, Central 1,461.0
Manchester, Gorton 135.0
Oldham, Central 7 Royton 35.0
Oldham, West 1,194.2
Penrith and The Border 66.0
Rochdale 356.0
Rossendale and Darwen 357.5
Salford, East 118.0
Southport 362.1
St. Helens, North 912.3
St. Helens, South 1,588.2
Stalybridge and Hyde 71.0
Stretford 55.0
Wallasey 290.2
Warrington, South 30.0
West Lancashire 1,432.9
Wigan 755.8
Wirral, South 547.1
Wirral, West 248.3
Workington 684.9
Worsley 32.3

Some of these differences can be attributed to further RSA/RDG made offers between 28 November and the date of the latest computer printout, 12 December. Also my reply (unlike the Secretary of State's letter) does not include payments made under the transitional arrangements.

Particularly large differences are noted however in the cases of:

Secretary of State Draft PQ
City of Chester 292,500 849.200
Knowsley, North 447,100 605,700
Liverpool, Broadgreen 207,600 394,800
Liverpool, Riverside 653,800 1,036,000
Makerfield 984,000 1,116,600
Penrith and the Border 141,000 66,000
Southport 269,600 362,100
St. Helens South 1,335,700 1,588,200
Wallasey 162,600 290,200
Wigan 520,700 755,800
Wirral, South 321,000 547,100
Wirral, West 184,500 248,300
Workington 515,000 684,900
Worsley 9,300 32,300
In all cases except Penrith and The Border the figure is higher; in the case of Penrith and The Border the difference has arisen because it does not include an offer made under the transitional arrangements. Exclusion of transitional arrangements (since my answer refers only to payments made under the new regional industrial policy) also removes from the list reference to Copeland, Fylde, Lancaster and Wyre.