HC Deb 16 April 1985 vol 77 cc122-3W
Mr. Hargreaves

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what is the current total estimated cost of remedying all the deficiencies in the housing stock as defined by the English House Condition Survey 1981.

Sir George Young

In "Housing Survey Report No. 13" on the 1981 English House Condition Survey, it was estimated that the total cost of remedying every single defect in the national housing stock would be of the order of £30 billion (1981 prices). Information is not available on the total cost now.

Mr. Hargreaves

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what was the total estimated expenditure on improvement-repair work on houses for each of the past 10 years in the private sector and public sectors, respectively.

Sir George Young

Information in the form requested is not available for the private sector stock. However the English House Condition Survey in 1981 indicated that expenditure by households (including grants) was some £6 billion in 1981.

The information available on expenditure on local authority, new town and housing association stock respectively up to 1983–84 is as follows:

£ million
Local Authority* New Towns† Registered Housing Associations‡
1974–75 582.0 9.0 80.0
1975–76 626.5 11.4 102.0
1976–77 704.2 12.9 133.6
1977–78 813.3 15.6 171.8
1978–79 1,034.1 8.2 201.1
1979–80 1,413.8 10.4 259.6
1980–81 1,532.9 13.0 312.7
1981–82 1,557.5 16.3 305.6
1982–83 2,002.7 18.3 394.1
1983–84 2,306.8 23.5 361.7
* Capital and revenue expenditure by local authorities on their own stock.
† Annual totals of expenditure by the new town development corporations and the Commission for New Towns on repairs and maintenance.
‡ Capital funding for repairs and improvement by the Housing Corporation and local authorities (including acquisition costs).