HC Deb 08 June 1984 vol 61 cc309-10W
Mr. Ernie Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what was the total expenditure on family practitioner services within Tayside health board in each of the last four years; and if he will sub-divide the data for medical, dental, ophthalmic and pharmaceutical services.

Mr. John MacKay

The information is as follows:

1979–80 £'000 1980–81 £'000 1981–82 £'000 1982–83 £'000
General medical services 4,674 6,133 7,045 7,911
General dental services 2,166 2,617 2,908 3,068
Ophthalmic services 489 590 776 1,319
Pharmaceutical services 6,839 8,362 9,567 10,992

These figures are taken from the accounts of Tayside health board. Expenditure by patients through prescription charges and charges for dental and ophthalmic treatment is not included.

Mr. Ernie Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will publish information on the number of National Health Service staff in Tayside health board in 1980 and in the latest year in the following groups (a) medical and dental, (b) locum, (c) nursing and midwifery, (d) administration, (e) scientific/professions supplementary to medicine, (f) works, (g) ancilliary, (h) tradesman, (i) pharmacists and opticians, (j) ambulancemen, (k) technical and (l) others.

Mr. John MacKay

The numbers in whole-time equivalents were as follows at 30 September each year.

1980 *1983
Medical and Dental Staff† 624.5 608.5
General Medical & Dental Practitioners‡ 370.0 386.0
Locum‡ 2 12
Nursing and Midwifery Staff 5,905.1 5,933.5
Administrative and Clerical 1,169.9 1,147.0
Scientific/PSM 389.0 422.6
Works 62.0 65.0
Ancillary Staff 2,909.8 2,789.2
Tradesmen 280.0 281.0
Pharmacists and Opticians 51.2 50.4
Technical 411.1 410.9
Total 12,174.6 12,106.1
* Provisional
† Data includes general practitioners holding hospital appointments.
‡ Total number employed.
║ Ambulancemen are employed by the Common Services Agency and

not by health boards.

¶ Figures no longer held in this way; redistributed among other categories.

Mr. Ernie Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what has been the number of inpatients within Tayside health board in each year since 1980.

Mr. John MacKay

Information on the number of discharges of inpatients from Tayside hospitals is available in table 6.5a of the annual publication "Scottish Health Statistics" for 1980 and in table 6.4 for 1981 and 1982. Figures for 1983 are not yet available.