HC Deb 17 January 1984 vol 52 cc192-4W
Mr. Waller

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer which cash blocks are eligible for the 5 per cent. carry-over facility announced in July; how much the facility amounts to in each case; what is the total of the potential carry-forward; and what allowance has been made to accommodate this carry forward in the expenditure plans announced in his autumn statement.

Mr. Peter Rees

The information requested is shown in the following table. The list of cash limits, and the amounts of eligible expenditure and maximum carry-over, are provisional, because some of the details of the scheme as they apply to particular cases are still being considered. The figures are rounded to the nearest £100,000. The maximum carry forward is about £560 million. Actual carry forward, on each cash limit and in total, will depend on actual underspends on cash limits and on the eligible expenditure within those cash limits, and will be less than the maximum carry forward. The necessary additions to

1983–84 Cash limits included in the 5 per cent. end year flexibility scheme
£ million
Class/Vote Description Eligible expenditure Maximum carry-forward
I.2 Defence procurement 7,567.9 378.4
I.4 Defence accommodation services
II.1 Overseas representation: diplomatic, consular and other foreign and commonwealth services 27.3 1.4
II.3 British Broadcasting Corporation: external services 12.5 0.6
II.4 British Council 2.1 0.1
III.3 Other agricultural and food services, (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) 5.2 0.3
III.5 Support for the fishing industry (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) 12.2 0.6
III.7 Departmental administration (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) 4.4 0.2
IV.2 Miscellaneous support services (Department of Industry) 30.2 1.5
IV.6 Scientific and technological assistance (Department of Industry) 7.9 0.4
IV.7 Scientific and technological assistance nuclear energy (Department of Energy) 25.0 1.3
IV.9 International trade: export credit services and insurance of investment overseas (central services) 1.3 0.1
IV.13 Labour market services (Department of Employment) 7.6 0.4
IV. 16 Manpower Services Commission 42.3 2.1
IV.17 Administration (Department of Employment) 1.5 0.1
IV.18 Central and miscellaneous services (Department of Industry) 4.9 0.2
IV.23 Health and Safety Commission 6.3 0.3
VI.1 Roads, etc, England (Department of Transport) 653.7 32.7
VI.4 Driver and vehicle licensing (Department of Transport) 8.8 0.4
VIII.2 Central environmental services, etc 34.3 1.7
IX.2 Administration of justice: Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland Court Service) 1.4 0.1
IX.8 Prisons, England and Wales (Home Office) 43.9 2.2
IX.9 General protective services and civil defence, England and Wales (Home Office) 19.8 1.0
IX.11 Central and administrative services (Home Office) 1.8 0.1
X.1 Schools (Department of Education and Science) 38.9 1.9
X.3 Universities etc (Department of Education and Science) 39.0 2.0
X.5 Agricultural Research Council 11.6 0.6
X.6 Medical Research Council 6.1 0.3
X.7 Natural Environment Research Council 8.8 0.4
X.8 Science and Engineering Research Council 21.1 1.1
XI.1 Health and personal social services, England 714.8 35.7
XII.5 Administration and miscellaneous services, Department of Health and Social Security 12.1 0.6
XIII.5 Economic and financial administration, Customs and Excise 3.4 0.2
XIII.6 Economic and financial administration, Inland Revenue 10.1 0.5
XIII.10 Department for National Savings 2.3 0.1
XIII.13 Central management of the civil service: computers and telecommunications 1.7 0.1
XIII.19 Other services (Cabinet Office) 0.7 neg
XIV.1 Office and general accommodation services (PSA of the Department of the Environment) 33.8 1.7
XIV.3 Other civil accommodation services (PSA of the Department of the Environment) 129.6 6.5
XV.2 Agricultural services and fisheries (Scotland) 11.1 0.6
XV.3 Regional and general industrial support, Scotland 92.4 4.6
XV.6 Roads, transport and environmental services, Scotland 98.2 4.9
XV.14 Prisons, hospitals and community health services, etc Scotland 122.3 6.1
XV. 15 Education, arts libraries and social work, Scotland 10.0 0.5
XV.24 Scottish Office Administration 1.0 0.1
XVI. 1 Tourism, roads and transport, housing, other environmental services, education, libraries, arts, health and personal social services, Wales 166.0 3.3
XVI.5 Agricultural services, support for the fishing industry, regional and industrial development, Wales 42.5 2.1
XVII.1 Northern Ireland Office, law, order, protective and miscellaneous services (Northern Ireland) 23.3 1.2
NID1 Northern Ireland Departments, services analogous to Great Britain services covered by cash limits 375.0 18.7
DOE/NTI Capital expenditure in England by new towns on housing, roads, commercial and industrial investment and certain water services 62.0 3.1
DOE/HC1 Capital expenditure in England on housing finance through the Housing Corporation 684.4 34.2
Total 11,244.5 562.3

the 1984–85 cash limits will be announced when the outturns for 1983–84 are known. These additions will be met from the 1984–85 reserve.

The scheme announced in July was limited to central Government capital expenditure. On 17 November my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Environment announced an end-year flexibility scheme for local authority capital expenditure, in which the maximum carry forward for 1983–84 will be 2 per cent. — [Vol. 48, c. 526.]