HC Deb 28 February 1984 vol 55 cc89-90W
Mr. Dover

asked the hon. Member for Berwick-upon-Tweed, as representing the House of Commons Commission, what was the income and total expenditure of the House Refreshment Department in each of the last five years for which accounts are available, together with the cost of wages of catering and bar staff whose salaries are borne out of public funds.

Mr. Beith

Until 1979–80 all Refreshment Department income and expenditure was brought to account in the Department's trading and profit and loss account. In April 1980, the Department became a Department of the House, and staff wages and related payroll costs—excluding additional banqueting staff costs—have been borne on the House of Commons (Administration) Vote. The remainder of the Department's operations—apart from a proportion of certain major equipment and ancillary costs — has been part of a separate trading fund. information is as follows:

Trading and profit and loss account
Income Expenditure (excluding staff salaries) Staff salaries Grants*
£ million £ million £ million £ million
1978–79 0.947 0.915 0.973 0.295
†1979–80 1.078 1.091 1.136 0.381

Trading fund Administration vote Staff salaries
Income Expenditure Staff salaries
£ million £ million £ million
1980–81 1.357 1.091 1.427
1981–82 1.387 1.138 1.566
1982–83 1.628 1.398 1.758


* Grants were made from public funds in the years indicated towards recess expenses and loan interest.

†In 1979–80, a further grant of £2.9 million was made from public funds to extinguish the accumulated deficit.