HC Deb 06 February 1984 vol 53 cc482-3W
Mr. William Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will list the members of the Western education and library board whom he has appointed since May 1979, together with the occupational background and political and religious affiliations, where known and their addresses; and if he will give the same information about those whom they replaced.

Mr. Scott

[pursuant to his reply, 24 January 1984, c. 521–22]: Education and library boards are constituted with effect from a common date for four-year terms. The current (third term) began on 1 July 1981 and will end on 30 June 1985. Replacement of individual members, therefore, only occurs when they cease to be members of the board during any particular term.

Details of appointments are set out below. Political affiliations are available only for those members nominated by District Councils. The Department of Education does not maintain lists of current occupations or religious affiliations of board members. I do not believe it would be in the interests of individuals who serve by accepting public appointments to publish home addresses; details are provided therefore only of the members' broad geographical base.

Between May 1979 and 30 June 1981 the following appointments were made to the Western education and library board:

  • Mr. G. J. Gallagher of Garrison was appointed on 25 May 1979 to replace Mr. D. Campbell of Tempa.
  • Mr. J. Clements of Limavady was appointed on 26 March 1980 to replace Mr. G. Whiteside of Londonderry City, and
  • Dr. Vera Furness of Limavady was appointed on 22 April 1980 to replace Mrs. M. Hogg of Dungiven.

With effect from 1 July 1981 the board was reconstituted for a further four-year term and the following persons were appointed:

District councillors

  • Mr. H. Kerr, Fermanagh DC—Official Unionist.
  • Mr. T. J. Lunny, Fermanagh DC—SDLP.
  • Mr. W. C. Noble, Fermanagh DC—Official Unionist.
  • Mr. W. A. Cooke, Limavady DC—Official Unionist.
  • Mr. F. Donnelly, Londonderry CC—SDLP.
  • Mr. M. J. Fegan, Londonderry CC—SDLP.
  • Mrs. A. Gallagher, Londonderry CC—SDLP.
  • Mrs. A. M. Hay, Londonderry CC—DUP.
  • Mr. G. V. Peoples, Londonderry CC—SDLP.
  • Mrs. B. M. Grant, Omagh DC—SDLP.
  • Mr. F. Conway, Omagh DC—IIP.
  • Mr. E. Turner, Strabane DC—Official Unionist.
  • Mrs. M. McCrea, Strabane DC—SDLP.

Representatives of transferors of schools

  • Mr. A. I Carson—Omagh.
  • Rev. R. H. Pinkerton—Omagh.
  • Archdeacon F. J. L. Skuce—Derrygonnelly.

Representatives of trustees of maintained schools

  • Rev. S. Clerkin—Maguiresbridge.
  • Rev. A. Duffy—Londonderry.
  • Rev. M. J. Keaveny—Londonderry.
  • Rev. V. A. Mulvey—Strabane.

Teachers serving in board area

  • Dr. M. E. Baumann—Londonderry.
  • Mr. E. V. Leitch—Omagh.
  • Mr. F. C. Simpson—Londonderry.

Library interest

  • Mr. J. H. Clements—Limavady.
  • Mrs. H. Hickey—Enniskillen.
  • Mr. W. B. Loane—Ballinamallard.

Others (with interest in education)

  • Mr. J. Doherty—Londonderry.
  • Dr. V. Furness—Limavady.
  • Mrs. M. J. Gourley—Strabane.
  • Mr. F. P. McCrossan—Strabane.
  • Mr. P. McLaughlin—Omagh.
  • Dr. I. A. P. Scott—Limavady.

Since the board was reconstituted on 1 July 1981 there have been the following appointments:

  • Mrs. C. Quigley of Londonderry replaced Mrs. Hickey.
  • Mrs. D. Reilly of Ederney replaced Mrs. Quigley.
  • Mr. P. D. O'Hare, Strabane DC, SDLP, replaced Mrs. McCrea.
  • Mrs. A. Hamilton, Londonderry CC, DUP, replaced Mrs. Hay.
  • Mrs. Canon Hannon of Enniskillen, replaced Archdeacon Skuce, and
  • Mr. A. C. McFarland, Omagh DC, Official Unionist, replaced Mr. Conway.