HC Deb 11 December 1984 vol 69 cc459-61W
Mr. Ralph Howell

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services how many combinations of grade and area of work there were in the National Health Service in 1983; and how these combinations were distributed between dental and medical staff, nursing and midwifery staff,

Mr. Scott

The information is not available exactly in the form requested but the following information is available:—

Persons tried on indictment 1982–83: Interval between first remand and sentence
Weeks elapsed remand to sentence No. of persons
1982 1983 (to 31 October)
Scheduled offenders
0—less than 10 29 12
10—less than 20 14 11
20—less than 30 50 46
30—less than 40 74 54
40—less than 50 54 39
50—less than 75 50 32
75—less than 100 19 18
100 weeks and more 2 0
Total 292 212
Non-scheduled offenders
0—less than 10 28 37
10—less than 20 23 22
20—less than 30 31 17
30—less than 40 10 28
40—less than 50 2 4
50—less than 75 8 3
75—less than 100 1 1
100 weeks and more 0 0
Total 103 112

Mr. McNamara

asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, for each year since 1980, what percentage of prisoners on custodial remand for scheduled and non-scheduled offences, respectively were (a) given a non-custodial sentence, (b) given a custodial sentence and (c) found not guilty or not proceeded against.

Mr. Scott

The information is not available in the exact form requested. However, the following details are available:

professional and technical staff, administrative and clerical staff, ambulance staff, ancillary staff, and any other staff.

Mr. John Patten

The table shows the approximate number of combinations of grade and area of work, for each staff group in the English NHS at 30 September 1983.

The number of different areas of work recorded depends upon the occupation coding structure, which is designed to reflect the information needs of local managers.

Staff group Number
Medical and Dental 410
Nursing and Midwifery *1,340
Professional and Technical 530
Administrative and Clerical 1,650
Ambulance Staff (including Officers) 90
Ancillary 510
Others (Works/Maintenance) 380
Total 4,910
* This total takes account of
(a) the full implementation of the 25 new pay scales introduced with the 1982 NHS reorganisation (not all of these scales were operative by 30 September 1982).
(b) About 20 obsolete pay grades used for staff on protected terms and conditions of service following the 1982 reorganisations.

Mr. Dobson

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services how many National Health Service staff have been prosecuted in the past year for pilfering and fraud, respectively; and what was the lowest sum involved in each category of presentation.

Mr. John Patten

We do not collect this information centrally.

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