HC Deb 23 November 1983 vol 49 cc206-7W
Mr. Kennedy

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list the projects approved under the support financing scheme for Scotland (a) in February/March and, separately, (b) in the financial year 1983–84 to date, by health board area; and, for each project, if he will list the budgeted cost of the whole project, the percentage split of both capital and revenue costs between health board and local authority, the agreed period over which health board contributions to revenue costs are to continue, and the agreed tapering arrangements for the transfer of financial responsibility to the local authority.

Mr. John MacKay

[pursuant to his reply, 21 November 1983: The information is given in the following table:

(1) Health Board (2) Project (3) Month of approval Budget cost (£000)* (5) Percentage allocation (6) Revenue funding timescale (7) Agreed tapering arrangements
Capital Revenue HB LA
Residential Group Care for the Elderly, Inverness June 1983 1,360 835 60 40 5 years Reducing annually by 10 per cent.
Group Housing for the Mentally Ill, Inverness June 1983 50 See c. 7 60 40 See c. 7 Revenue funding arrangements to be determined
Lanarkshire Motherwell Hostel for the Mentally Handicapped June 1983 165 60 40 5 years Reducing annually by 10 per cent.
Tayside Dundee Family Respite and Fostering Scheme June 1983 91.5 423 60 40 5 years Reducing annually by 10 per cent.
* The Budget Cost (c. 4) is the total cost of the project over the period specified in c. (6) and is expressed at the cash price obtaining at the date of approval.
The precise amount to be contributed by the local authority is not known since a proportion of the cost is to be met by a voluntary organisation.
Approval in principle given in September 1982 but full budget costs not determined until March 1983.
This project was originally approved in 1982–83 but did not start in that year. The project was subsequently revised in both size and cost before approval in 1983–84.
40 per cent, share of capital cost is being met entirely be a voluntary organisation. The LA is not involved.
40 per cent, share is being met 50/50 by voluntary organisation and LA.

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