HC Deb 15 November 1983 vol 48 c375W
Mr. Michael Forsyth

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether his Department maintains, or supports the maintenance of, any offices or personnel abroad.

Mr. Brittan

The Home Office maintains no office or personnel abroad but meets the costs of a small number of immigration officers who are loaned to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on a short-term basis each summer for work overseas as entry clearance officers.

Name of Body Appointments as at 1 July 1983* Notes
Chairman/Deputy Members
Advisory Board on Restricted Patients 1 Ch (M) 4M; 1F
Advisory Committee on Animal Experiments lCh(F) 9M;3F
Advisory Committees Service Candidates 1 Ch(M)+l Dep(M) 2M;4F
Advisory Council on Race Relations 18M; 3F
Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs 1 Ch (M) 22M; 6F
Central Fire Brigades Advisory Council 33M; 1F
Criminal Law Revision Committee 1 Ch (M) 14M; 2F
Joint Committee for Refugees from Vietnam 1 Ch (M) [3M; 2F]
Licensing Planning Committee 1 Ch (M)
New Town Licensed Premises Committees 2 Ch (1M; IF)
Parliamentary Boundary Commission for England [1 Ch (M)] + 1 Dep (M) 1M 1 Vacancy at 1.7.83
Parliamentary Boundary Commission for Wales [1 Ch (M)] + 1 Dep (M) 2M
Parole Board and Local Review Committees 1 Ch (M)‡ + 1 Dep 37M;‡ 10F‡ ‡Parole Board
(M)‡ 390M; 175F
[390M; 175F]
Poisons Board 1 Ch (M) 6M [10M]
Police Negotiating Board 1 Ch (M) + 1 Dep (M) [51M; 4F]
Policy Advisory Committee on Sexual Offences 1 Ch (M) 6M; 8F
* Information concerning non-Ministerial appointments is shown in square brackets.