HC Deb 07 November 1983 vol 48 c39W
Mr. Chapman

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what steps he takes to encourage tree-planting schemes; and how many trees have been planted by his Department in the past 12 months.

Mrs. Fenner

Under the Ministry's farm capital grant schemes, grants are paid to farmers towards the cost of planting trees as shelter belts and planting hedges. Tree planting for timber production is carried out under the forestry grant scheme administered by the Forestry Commission. This scheme provides higher rates of grant for the planting of small woods and of broadleaved species. The agricultural development and advisory service advises farmers to retain and plant trees and hedgerows where appropriate.

The Forestry Commission itself planted 2,456 hectares in England in the year ended 31 March 1983, of which 429 hectares comprised new planting. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has a continous programme of planting at Kew and Wakehurst Place and also distributes seedlings

Item and CCT No. Common Export Refund * MCA Total Export Refund
Common Wheat (10.01B1) † 26.91 8.19 35.10
Barley (10.03) (†) 17.35 7.42 24.77
Maize (10.05B) Nil 7.42 7.42
White Sugar (17.01A 1b) ‡ 7.73 1.05 8.78
Butter 82–84% Fat Content (04.03 Ex.A IV) 41.23 6.53 47.76
Cheddar Cheese (04.04EIb1 EX1) 28.75 5.08 33.83
Skimmed Milk Powder (04.02AIIb1) 15.59 2.73 18.32
Boneless (02.01AIIa4bb) and ║ Beef (02.01AIIb4bb) N/A N/A N/A
Lard (15.01AII) Nil Nil Nil
Pigmeat Carcasses (02.01AIIIa1) 8.40 2.63 11.03
Poultry Meat 70%
Chickens (02.02 AIb)¶ 4.72 0.74 5.46
Lamb (02.01 AIV) • N/A N/A N/A
Eggs (04.05AIb) Size 4■ 6 per Doz 1 per Doz 8 per Doz
* Conversion from European currency units into sterling has been made using the representative rate 1ECU= £0.618655, and multiplying the resultant figure by the current monetary coefficient of 0.935;
The resultant figure has been increased by the MCA which currently acts as an export subsidy.
† Average refund granted on 3 November under EC competitive tendering arrangements.
‡ Different rates are normally available under the EC tendering arrangements.
║ Export refunds on boneless beef vary greatly according to the category of animal, type of cuts, and whether fresh or chilled or frozen, as well as by country of destination etc. It is not possible to give a representative figure.
¶ Applies to all destinations except USA.
• There is no export refund for sheepmeat
■ Figures rounded to the nearest penny; total figure does not represent the sum of the constituent posts shown.

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