HC Deb 12 May 1983 vol 42 cc389-90W
Sir David Price

asked the Secretary of State for Industry what changes have taken place in industrial output over the last year in the United Kingdom; and how such changes compare with those in other leading European countries.

NLF and PDC and other loans Subsidies under section 7 and 8 etc. Construction grants under section 11 etc. Shipbuilding redundancy payments
1977–78 27.4 0.3
1978–79 NLF* 55 10.6 0.3 4.7
1979–80 NLF*/PDC †181 31.2 0.1 15.5
1980–81 110 39.9 0.1 20.1
1981–82 107 45.9 0.3 14.4
1982–83 76 43.8 16.0
Total 1979–80 to 1982–83‡ 474 160.8 0.5 66.0
* National loans fund advanced on an interim basis.
† Net. All outstanding NLF loans were repaid in full with interest on 21 December 1979 and were replaced by PDC.
‡ Does not include payments made in 1983–84.

Mr. Trotter

asked the Secretary of State for Industry what provision the Government are making to help British Shipbuilders obtain orders in current market conditions.

Mr. Patrick Jenkin

We already provide considerable assistance. Since early 1979 British Shipbuilders has received £700 million of taxpayers' money to help meet its losses, and to restructure. This includes support through the intervention fund, which enables BS to quote prices which do not cover its costs. Support is also given through the home shipbuilding credit scheme, which encourages United Kingdom owners to place their orders in United Kingdom yards.

The Government are currently considering detailed proposals from the chairman of BS for extra help in the light of the deterioration of the market. These will need to be considered against the background of a full business plan for the future of the corporation, which BS is now preparing, and in the light of our international obligations. I have told Sir Robert Atkinson that in the meantime the

Mr. Butcher

Between the three months ended February 1982 and the three months ended February 1983, industrial production in the United Kingdom rose by two per cent.

Between the same two periods, industrial production in Italy fell by seven per cent., in Germany by five per cent. and in France by one per cent.

Sir David Price

asked the Secretary of State for Industry what are the prospects for United Kingdom manufacturing output through 1983.

Mr. Butcher

The most recent official assessment of the prospects for United Kingdom manufacturing output is contained in the Financial Statement and Budget Report 1983–84. This suggested that over the forecast period, output in the manufacturing sector could rise at much the same rate as the rest of the economy, increasing by about 1.5 to 2 per cent. in 1983 as a whole.