HC Deb 12 May 1983 vol 42 cc414-7W
Mr. Richard Page

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will give the revised cash limits for 1983–84 which take account of (a) the reduction in national insurance surcharge announced in the Budget, and (b) the establishment by the Management and Personnel Office of a centralised occupational health nursing service for the Civil Service.

Mr. Brittan

A list of revised cash limits is shown in the following table.

The total reduction in cash limits in respect of the change in national insurance surcharge is £45 million. In addition there are savings in votes not subject to cash limits totalling about £1½ million. On de minimis grounds, cash limits are not being reduced where the effect of the national insurance surcharge reduction is less than £50,000 unless changes are being made for other reasons.

As mentioned in the introductory note to Class XIII, Vote 12, a centralised occupational health nursing service has been established under the aegis of the Civil Service medical advisory service with effect from 1 April 1983. Accordingly the cash limit for Class XIII, Vote 12, Central Management of the Civil Service, etc., is increased by £171,000. This increase is entirely offset by reductions in 9 other cash limits as marked in the table. There is therefore no increase in public expenditure.

The effect on the cash limit for Class XIII, Vote 12, taking account of both changes in a net increase; all the other changes shown in the table are reductions.

Revisions to 1983–84 cash limits resulting from the reduction in national insurance surcharge, the establishment of an occupational health nursing service and some other changes A. Voted expenditure £ thousand
Class Vote Accounting Department Description of expenditure Current cash limit Reduction Revised cash limit
I 1 Ministry of Defence * Pay etc. of the armed forces and civilians, stores, supplies and miscellaneous services 6,134,884 11,331 6,123,553
I 2 Ministry of Defence* Procurement 7,557,940 1,160 7,556,780
I 4 Property Services Agency* Defence accommodation services 915,996 181 915,815
I 5 Ministry of Defence* Dockyard services 427,520 695 426,825
II 1 Foreign and Commonwealth Office† Overseas representation: diplomatic, consular and other foreign and commonwealth services 328,904 245 328,659
II 3 Foreign and Commonwealth Office British Broadcasting Corporation: external services 77,177 95 77,082
III 6 Forestry Commission Forestry 59,521 160 59,361
III 7 Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Departmental administration 193,555 358 193,197
IV 4 Department of Trade Department of Trade 196,604 228 196,376
IV 6 Department of Industry Scientific and technological assistance 309,661 65 309,596
IV 7 Department of Energy Scientific and technological assistance: nuclear energy 210,570 279 210,291
IV 13 Department of Employment Labour market services 499,140 1,068 498,072
IV 16 Department of Employment Manpower Services Commission 1,211,441 536 1,210,905
IV 17 Department of Employment Administration 187,013 291 186,722
IV 18 Department of Industry† Central and miscellaneous services 75,815 163 75,652
IV 19 Department of Energy† Administration and miscellaneous services 22,778 32 22,746
IV 23 Department of Employment Health and Safety Commission 87,993 120 87,373
VI 2 Department of Transport Transport services and central administration 114,854 195 114,659
VI 4 Department of Transport† Driver and vehicle licensing 100,015 119 99,396
VIII 2 Department of the Environment Central environmental services etc. 117,708 106 117,iS02
VIII 4 Department of the Environment Royal palaces, royal parks, historic buildings, ancient monuments and the national heritage 72,633 210 72,423
VIII 5 Department of the Environment† Central administration and environmental research 170,762 450 170,312
IX 1 Lord Chancellor's Department Administration of justice, England and Wales 85,554 99 85,455
IX 8 Home Office Prisons, England and Wales 538,376 1,132 537,244
IX 11 Home Office Central and administrative services 164,986 289 164,697
XI 1 Department of Health and Social Security Health and personal social services, England 8,552,823 13,573 8,539,250
XII 5 Department of Health and Social Security Administration and miscellaneous services 714,173 1,151 713,022
XIII 4 Treasury Economic and financial administration 42,941 65 42,876
XIII 5 Customs and Excise Department Economic and financial administration 321,723 712 321,011
XIII 6 Inland Revenue† Economic and financial administration 753,481 1,562 751,919
XIII 10 Department for National Savings† Economic and financial administration 144,542 1,195 143,347
XIII 12 Management and Personnel Office† Central management of the Civil Service 30,749 1136 30.85
XIII 17 Land Registry Records, registrations and surveys 64,933 143 64,790
XIII 23 Ordnance Survey† Records, registrations and surveys 17,359 84 17,275

The revised cash limit for Class XI, Vote 1, Health and Personal Social Services England includes an addition of £1,427,000 to allow for additional capital expenditure by health authorities on their share of joint financed urban programme projects. This increase has been offset by a reduction in local authority capital expenditure, and will not therefore add to public expenditure.

Three other cash limit reductions, resulting from a revised assessment of the appropriate level of expenditure, are also included in the table. These are as follows:

  • Class VIII, Vote 4—a reduction of £140,000
  • Class VIII, Vote 5—a reduction of £251,000
  • Class XIII, vote 10—a reduction of £1,000,000

Class Vote Accounting Department Description of expenditure Current cash limit Reduction Revised cash limit
XIV 1 Property Services Agency Civil accommodation repayment services 278,235 67 278,168
XIV 2 Property Services Agency Administration and miscellaneous services 314,746 441 314,305
XV 4 Scottish Economic Planning Department Manpower Services Commission, Scotland 137,255 66 137,189
XV 14 Scottish Home and Health Department Prisons, hospitals and community health services, etc. Scotland 1,363,137 2,641 1,360,496
XV 24 Scottish Office Scottish Office administration 94,430 205 94,225
XVI 1 Welsh Office Tourism, roads and transport, housing, other environmental services, education, libraries, arts, health and personal social services, Wales 718,138 1,016 717,122
XVI 4 Welsh Office Manpower Services Commission, Wales 70,895 35 70,860
XVI 7 Welsh Office Other services: Welsh Office 31,244 55 31,189
XVII 1 Northern Ireland Office Law, order, protective and miscellaneous services 390,313 599 389,714
* The four cash limited defence votes are each seperate cash limits, but by agreement with the Treasury, they are managed as a global cash limit.
† These are the cash limits affected by the establishment of the centralised occupational health nursing service.
‡In the case of this vote the £136,000 is an increase rather than a decrease to the cash limit. The increase in the cash limit due to the establishment of the nursing service is partly offset by the reduction in national insurance surcharge.

B. Other central Government expenditure £ million
Cash block Department Description of expenditure Current cash limit Reduction Revised cash limit
BOE1 Bank of England Bank of England administration costs in respect of note issue, exchange equalisation account and debt management 78.0 0.1 77.9
NID1 Northern Ireland Departments Services analogous to Great Britain services covered by cash limits 1,977.6 2.2 1,975.4

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