HC Deb 29 June 1983 vol 44 cc79-81W
Mr. Gould

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry which European Community tariffs on manufactures will exceed 15 per cent. in 1987.

Mr. Alexander Fletcher

Duties on manufactures in 1987 under the European Community's common customs Tariff (CCT) will exceed 15 per cent. only in the following cases:

Tariff heading Description
27.11 A I Propane of a purity of not less than 99 per cent:
For use as power or heating fuel.
29.11 A II Acetaldehyde (ethanal).
29.14 A II a) Acetic acid.
29.14 A II b) 1 Sodium acetate.
29.16 B I c) 1 Methylsalicylate and phenyl salicylate (salol).
29.25 B II a) Phenobarbital (INN) and its salts.
29.25 B II b) Barbital (INN) and its salts.
29.35 H H Phenazone (INN) and aminophenazone (INN) (amidopyrin) and their derivatives:
Other than propyhenazone (INN).
29.43 B Sugars, chemically pure, other than sucrose, glucose and lactose; sugar ethers and sugar esters and their salts, other than products of headings nos. 29.39, 29.41 and 29.42:
Other than rhamnose, raffinose and mannose.
39.03 B II a) 1 Cellulose nitrates:
Not plasticised.
Collodions and celloidin.
53.11 B II Woven Fabrics of sheep or lambs wool or of fine animal hair:
Not containing 85 per cent, or more by weight of wool or of wool and fine animal hair nor containing a total of more than 10 per cent. by weight of silk and silk waste.
64.01 Footwear with outer soles and uppers of rubber or artificial plastic material.
64.02 B Footwear with outer soles of leather or composition leather; footwear (other than footwear falling within heading No. 64.01) with outer soles of rubber or artificial plastic material:
Footwear other than with uppers of leather.
82.09 A Knives other than for machines and mechanical appliances.
82.14 A Spoons, forks, fish eaters, butter-knives, ladles and similar kitchen or tableware:
Of stainless steel.
85.21 D II Diodes, transistors and similar semi-conductor devices; light emitting diodes; electronic micro-circuits:
Other than wafers not yet cut into chips.
87.01 C I Tractors (other than those falling within heading No. 87.07) whether or not fitted with power take offs, winches or pulleys:
Wheeled, for semi-trailers.

Tariff heading Description
87.02 A I a) 1 Motor coaches and buses, with either a spark ignition engine of a cylinder capacity of 2,800 cm 3 or more or a compression ignition engine of a cylinder capacity of 2,500 cm3 or more.
87.02BIIa)1 aa)11 Dumpers of a cylinder capacity of less than 10,000 cm 3.
87.02BIIa)1 aa)22 Dumpers of a cylinder capacity of 10,000 cm3 or more
87.02 B II bb) Motor lorries, other than dumpers, with either a spark ignition engine of a cylinder capacity of 2,800 cm 3 or a compression ignition engine of 2,500 cm 3 or more.
87.04 A I Chassis fitted with engines, for the motor vehicles falling within heading no. 87.01,87.02 or 87.03:
For motor lorries, motor coaches and buses.