HC Deb 19 July 1983 vol 46 cc69-71W
Mr. Bottomley

asked the Member answering for the House of Commons Commission if he will list the numbers and job titles of employees of the Commission whose gross pay in 1982–83 exceeded £15,362.

Mr. Beith

I have been asked to reply.

The number and job titles of staff employed by the House of Commons Commission, with an annual rate, or on a salary scale which includes certain points exceeding £15,362 is as follows. The rates and scales quoted are those payable from 1 April 1983 except those indicated† which have been payable since 1 April 1982 and are currently under review. All scales include £1,250 per annum inner London weighting allowance except that no such allowance is payable to those indicated by an asterisk.

The numbers of staff shown include some staff in grades with a salary scale exceeding £15,362 per annum who may individually be receiving an annual salary below that amount. Moreover, there are some staff not shown who receive a basic salary of less than £15,362 per annum but whose total emoluments, including overtime, night work payments or other extra duty allowances, and so on, may exceed that figure. Details of both categories could be supplied only at disproportionate cost.

Number at1 April 1983 Grade Salary £
Office of the Speaker
2 Speaker's Counsel † 26,250
1 Speaker's Secretary 20,493–24,409
1 Staff Inspector 13,649–17,906
Department of the Clerk of the House
1 Clerk of the House *†37,750
1 Clerk Assistant *†30,250
1 Clerk of Committees *†30,250
7 Principal Clerks Class I †26,250
3 Principal Clerks Class II †24,851
15 Deputy Principal Clerks 20,493–24,409
24 Senior Clerks 13,649–17,906
Department of the Serjeant at Arms
1 Serjeant at Arms †26,250
1 Deputy Serjeant at Arms 20,493–24,409
1 Assistant Serjeant at Arms 17,593–20,862
1 Deputy Assistant Serjeant at Arms 14,519–17,906
Department of the Library
1 Librarian †26,250
1 Deputy Librarian 20,493–24,409
2 Assistant Librarians 20,493–22,928
1 Deliverer of the Vote 16,201–22,044
8 Deputy Assistant Librarians 16,902–20,567
121½ Senior Library Clerks 10,386–17,906
Administration Department
1 Head of the Administration Department †26,250
1 Accountant 20,493–24,409
1 Head of the Establishments Office 20,493–23,818
1 Computer Development Officer 18,754–23,818
1 Deputy Accountant 17,593–22,044
1 Deputy Head of the Establishments Office 17,593–22,044
5 Assistant Accountants 11,329–15,926
1 Assistant Head of the Establishments Office 11,329–15,364
Department of the Official Report
1 Editor 23,393–24,409
1 Deputy Editor 18,963
2 Principal Assistant Editors 17,789
2 Senior Assistant Editors 17,789
1 Assistant Editor 16,201–17,197
2 Deputy Assistant Editors 16,380
9 Senior Reporters 14,519–15,926
Refreshment Department
1 General Manager 21,898
1 Deputy General Manager 13,649–17,906
1 Catering Accountant 13,649–17,906

Additional Information

  1. (i) Numbers, categories and pay of their staff are published each year in statement 'C' of the Commission's annual report.
  2. (ii) The salaries of nearly all employees of the Commission are linked to those of Civil Service grades and were revised with effect from 1 April 1983 following the 1983 Civil Service pay settlement for grades up to and including assistant secretary. Details of any pay award for Civil 71 Service grades above assistant secretary, whose salaries are the subject of a report by the Top Salaries Review Body, are still awaited.
  3. (iii) Various additional allowances are payable to certain members of staff and these are also shown in detail in the annual report. Most of these are currently under review.