HC Deb 01 February 1983 vol 36 cc70-1W
Mr. Austin Mitchell

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he will bring up-to-date the figures on prices and common agricultural policy levies in his reply to a question from the hon. Member for Grimsby on 15 November 1982, Official Report, c. 68–70.

Mr. Buchanan-Smith

The information requested is provided in the following table and relates to 17 January 1983. As there were no monetary compensatory amounts in operation for the United Kingdom on that date, the common levy and the levy for the United Kingdom were equal. The third country offer prices used by the Commission to determine rates of levy applicable on 17 January 1983 are taken as the "world price". For pigmeat, poultrymeat and eggs the world price is taken as the current sluicegate price, less supplementary levies where appropriate. I must emphasise again that these figures do not accurately represent the price at which the United Kingdom or the Community could buy from world markets if more supplies from third countries were sought.

Estimated world prices* Levy
£/tonne £/tonne
Beef and veal 1,045 ‡1,200
Sheepmeat 1,391 ║—
Pigmeat 786 315
Poultrymeat 673 197
Eggs 250 517

Estimated world prices* Levy
£/tonne £/tonne
Butter 1,023 ¶1,354
Skimmed powder 531 507
Common wheat 90 70
Barley 72 74
Maize 74 72
Rice 168 285
Olive oil 770 204
White sugar 138 ●256

* World prices have been taken as the minimum offer prices of imports underlying the calculation of the variable levies and have been calculated by subtracting the levies in ECUs applicable on 17 January from the appropriate threshold/guide price in ECUs. The beef price is also adjusted for duty. For eggs the "world price" has been taken as the sluicegate price less supplementary levy; for pigmeat and poultrymeat sluicegate prices have been taken. "World prices" have been converted from ECUs at the market rate used for calculating the MCA on 17 January of 1.61735 ECU = £1.

† The rates of levy in force on 17 January 1983. These rates vary for different tariff headings. The rates quoted are: beef and veal—carcase; pigmeat—carcase; poultrymeat—70 per cent, chickens; rice—wholly milled long grain; olive oil—virgin lampante; eggs—including supplementary levy. As there were no United Kingdom MCAs in force on 17 January the United Kingdom levy was equal to the common levy in ECU converted at the representative rate of 1.61641 = £1.

‡ Most imports of beef from third countries are subject to special arrangements allowing entry at reduced levy rates.

≑ Imports of lamb under voluntary restraint agreements with principal suppliers and related agreements are subject to a reduced charge of 10 per cent, ad valorem. Any imports outside these arrangements are subject to levies which cannot exceed the 20 per cent, tariff rate bound in the GATT.

¶ A special, lower rate of levy is applicable to United Kingdom imports of butter from New Zealand.

● In practice United Kingdom imports from third countries are normally covered by the Lomé convention and enter the Community levy-free.

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