HC Deb 20 December 1983 vol 51 cc172-6W
Mr. John Fraser

asked the Secretary of State fur the Environment if he will publish in the Official Report a list of projects which will be funded under inner city partnerships in Lambeth in 1984–85 with and from his Department; and if he will indicate for each project the amount of the bid and the award of funding.

Sir George Young

The projects approved so far by the Lambeth partnership committee for 1984–85, together with their costs, are as follows:

Ref. Stat/Vol. Project Total CAN (k) 1984/85 (£k)
Capital Revenue
B6/738 Vol. Streatham Opportunity Group 35 35
B6/228 Vol. St. Matthews Meeting Place—Phase III 836 525,160
B6/502 Vol. Renton Close Community Centre 10 10
B6/505 Vol. Brixton Sheltered Street Scheme 134.674 14.92 (86/87 Start)
B6/511 Vol. St. Matthews Estate Community Hall 197.17 197.17 0.8
B6/316 Vol. SMETA Football—Recreation Area 50 50
B6/233 Vol. Asian Sheltered Residential Accommodation—Furnishings 7 6
B6/611 Vol. Bonnington Square—Pavement works 40 40
B6/706 Vol. Lambeth Mind 2.55 2.55
C6/850 Stat. Lambeth Training Workshop 20 20
C6/852 Stat. Inner Urban Areas Act 500 500 400
C6/856 Stat. Job Creation—Training Fund 50 50 50
C6/859 Stat. Refurbishment for Industrial—Commercial letting 300 300
C6/861 Stat. Environmental Improvements to IIA's 200 200
C6/862 Stat. Milkwood Road Industrial Development 1,901.9 34.1
C6/858 Stat. Development of Vacant Industrial Sites 1,500 300
C6/863 Stat. Penwith Manor Estate 200 200
C6/874 Stat. Lambeth Neighbourhood Action Team 5 5
C6/902 Stat. St. Mary's RC Primary School—Nursery Class 30 30
St. Mary's RC Primary School—Rationalisation
C6/903 Stat. (money for feasibility/design work) 10 10
C6/907 Stat. Central Ashby Mill Primary School—Landscaping 10 10
St. Luke's CE Primary School—Rationalisation
C6/908 Stat. (money for feasibility/design work) 5 5
C6/921 Stat. Computer School—Lambeth Industries School 22.5 22.5 22.4
C6/923 Stat. Central Brixton College, Barrington Road 530 150
C6/925 Stat. Lambeth AEI—Strand Centre—Facilities for Disabled 30 10
C6/944 Stat. Chestnut Lodge—Garage/Workshop 30 20
C6/945 Stat. Chestnut Lodge—Detached Youth Worker for Girls 15.5
C6/946 Stat. Summer Holiday Projects 25
C6/949 Stat. South London College—Bus for Physically Handicapped 23 23
B6/962 Vol. St. Anne's Catholic Settlement Youth Club 124.7 60
B6/967 Vol. Ethelred Estate Community Youth Club 19.985
B6/968 Vol. Afro-Caribbean Education Resource Project—Phase II 44.3 17.5
B6/980 Vol. Vassall Detached Youth Project 80 40
C6/004 Stat. Oval Way Industrial Development 750 500
C6/005 Stat. Milkwood Road Industrial Site 500 500
C6/008 Stat. Vauxhall BR Station 50 50
C6/009 Stat. Brixton BR Station 50 50
C6/010 Stat. 9, 10, 11 Walnut Tree Walk 10 5

Time-expired Renewals—Lambeth
Ref Stat./Vol. Project Cost
B49 Vol. Railton Community Centre—Holiday Projects 7, 560
B49 Vol. Railton Community Centre—Administration Assistant 1,680
B54 Vol. Railton Community Centre—Equipment 1,170
B55 Vol. Railton Community Centre—Minibus 1,750
B3/371 Vol. Oasis Karting Project *11,010
B5/319 Vol. Oval Video *11,500
B2/150 Vol. Handicapped Adventure Playground Association †21,000
172/B28 Vol. Sabarr Educational, Cultural and Publishing Co-op *18,160
21/B31 Vol. Brixton Advice centre— *24,740
B26 Vol. CCRL/Abeng Centre/Gresham Youth Club *61,080
24/B3I Vol. Lambeth CAB—Community Advice Team *17,160
132/B31 Vol. CAB in Clapham *41,400
A26 Vol. Asian Community Action Group 46,750
A25 Vol. United Church Welfare Workers Association 22,730
B107 Vol. L.I.C.C.G.—Co-ordinator 13,480
B99 Vol. AHFIWE School 4,710
Cir 14 Vol. Brockwell Park Detached Youth Worker (CGRL) 12,090
B2/165 Vol. Brockwell Park Detached Youth Worker—Third Worker (CGRL) 8,860
B31/A22 (a) Clapham and Stockwell Law Centre ‡90,300
A23/B2/212 Vol. (b) North Lambeth Law Centre ‡89,760
B2/211 Vol. Melting Pot Foundation †14,000
Cir 17 Vol. Lady Margaret Hall Settlement 12,600
B63 Vol. (a) Project Fullemploy *84,176
Vol. (b) CCRL Newskills *4,280

Ref. Stat./Vol. Project Cost
B77 Vol. Lambeth Women's Workshop ‡15,000
B3/110 Vol. Project Fullemploy—Data Processing Training Courses *9,300
B2/217 Vol. Lambeth CDA 14,929
C704 Vol. Stockwell Park Estate TA—Youth and Community Centre 27,200
B103 Vol. CCRL—Brixton College Creche ‡21,000
A19 Vol. L'Arche Ltd.—Work Programme 31,400
B71 Vol. Clapham Larkhall Under 5's Organisation ‡7,000
B66 Vol. Association of Waterloo Groups—Waterloo Action Centre ‡20,000
C210 Vol. New Black Families Unit 40,900
A3 Vol. West Indian Parents Action Group—Family Centre and Day Nursery 56,600
C204 Vol. Hemans Estate Neighbourhood Project *13,600
B106 Vol. Training of Pre-School Group Leaders *700
A34 Vol. Association of Waterloo Groups—Waterloo Health Project ‡11,000
B101 Vol. Black Womens Group and Mary Seacole Crafts Group Centre ‡8,000
South London Family Service Unit-Social Worker for Cowley and Myatts Fields North
B102 Vol. Estates 12,720
Vol. Ferndale Community Project ‡16,000
B3/115 Vol. Lady Margaret Hall Settlement—Roots and Shoots Project 21,500
B3/341 Vol. Brixton Cares for Kids Industry 44,670
B2/246 Vol
B2/247 Vol. Home Visitor/Mother and Toddler Club—CLUFO ‡16,000
B2/234 Vol. Family Friends Centre 26,000
C.2/702 Stat Youth Service Employment Initiative-Patmore Youth Club 24,000
C.704 Stat. Stockwell Park Estate Youth and Community Centre 6,000
* Approve for one further year and then expire on 31 March 1985.
† Approve at 50 per cent. for one extra year and then expire on 31 March 1985.
‡Funding for one extra year (to be reviewed next year).

Lambeth Inner City Partnership Committee List of Proposed Renewals of Time-Expired Projects
Project Expenditure in 1984–85
Camberwell DHA
1. Contraceptive Information Centre *37,052
2. Infant Mortality Scheme *39,375
3. Belgrave Toy Libray *14,222
West Lambeth DHA
1. Mary Sheridan Centre ‡27,563
2. Community Treatment Team ‡16,500
* 1984–85=100 per cent., 1985–86=50 per cent., 1986–87=0.
‡ 1 year only.
‡ £16,500 for 1984–85 (to be reviewed again next year).
List of Proposed New Project Approvals
Project Capital Revenue
£ £
Camberwell DHA
1. Development Officer—Health Services for Ethnic Communities *10,165
2. Community Physiotherapist 12,840
3. Herne Hill Primary Care Centre 17,385
4. Teacher for Therapeutic Nursery 1,605 9,630
5. Liaison Remedial Therapist 428 9,630
West Lambeth DHA
1. Community Development Officer ‡6,043
2. Interpreter/translator for Mawbey Brough Health Centre 16,000
3. Local Primary Health Care Implementation Project *15,500
4. Environmental Improvements at Lambeth Hospital Site *50,000
* 2 years only
† £11.985 in a full year.
‡ Reconsider for additional funding in 1985–86.

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