HC Deb 16 December 1983 vol 50 cc608-9W
Mr. Freeson

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) what was the change in (a) the population, (b) the number of dwellings and (c) the number of households in the London borough of Brent in each of the five years since 1960;

(2) how many dwellings in the London borough of Brent were either unfit, lacked at least one basic amenity, or were in serious disrepair, in each five years from 1960.

Sir George Young

Figures for the London borough of Brent, which was constituted on 1 April 1965, are not available in the form requested. Available data are as attached.

II Brent: Other Estimates║
Population All dwellings Unfit dwellings║ Fit dwellings lacking amenities¶ Fit dwellings with amenities• but in disrepair
1967 293.4 84.9 2.6
1979 251.9 90.3 7.3 1.9 12.4 (£3,000)
1981 254.2 95.1 7.5 1.6 15.5 (£3,750)
1983 (mid-1982) 254.0 92.7 7.5 1.5 17.0 (£4,200)
* Population: Mid-year estimate by Registrar-General (OPCS), except 1961 by DOE.
Dwellings, households, Table 1: Census counts of dwellings and of all households present in 1961, 1966 and 1971; 1981 dwellings estimated from Census data on "household spaces"; 1981 household estimate is Census counts of households with usual residents present plus households away on Census night.
‡ Except for population estimates, figures in Table II are from the 1967 and 1979 Greater London House Condition (sample) Surveys and for 1981 and 1983 from the borough's HIP returns.
║ Dwellings in "poor and unfit condition" in 1967 survey.
¶ Amenities for HIP returns are bath, washbasin, sink, hot and cold water at these 3 points and inside WC.
•Requiring repairs of more than the cost indicated.
Not available.

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