HC Deb 14 December 1983 vol 50 c483W
Mr. Wigley

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he will take steps to make more channels available for citizens band operators.

Mr. Alexander Fletcher

No decision has yet been taken to increase the number of CB channels. The Government intend to adopt the European specification of 27 MHz in due course, but it will take time to clear the channels concerned, which are at present used for other purposes. The total allocation of channels at 27 MHz in the future will depend, among other things, on the number of licensed users. At 934 MHz it is hoped to reduce the channel spacing to accommodate an additional 20 channels within the existing band, but again it is too early to say how many will be set aside for CB use.

£ million
1978–79 1979–80 1980–81 1981–82 1982–83
Selective assistance to industry in assisted areas (Section 7 of the Industry Development Act 1982) 68 54 42 52 49
Selective assistance to individual industries, firms and undertakings (Section 8 of the Industry Development Act 1982) 93 53 49 62 118
Industrial research and development support 37 61 75 83 121
TOTAL 198 168 166 197 288

A regional breakdown of assistance under section 7 is given in the Industrial Development Act 1982 annual report for 1983. A breakdown on a similar basis for section 8 assistance and industrial research and development support, or a breakdown by head of population, could be provided only at disproportionate expense.