HC Deb 22 November 1982 vol 32 cc352-3W
Mr. Marlow

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what steps are taken at the ports to prevent the import of counterfeit components, particularly for motor vehicles; how many people are involved; how many cases are taken annually to a stage of detailed investigation; how many prosecutions are pressed; how many consignments and to what value are refused import into the United Kingdom; and what in value terms are the 10 most significant sources of such rejected imports.

Mr. Bruce-Gardyne

There is no specific prohibition on the importation of counterfeit goods other than coins. However, the importation of articles bearing false trade marks contrary to section 17 of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 is prohibited provided that the registered proprietor or user of the trade mark has given prior notice to Customs of the expected arrival of a particular consignment. In such circumstances, officers are alerted to intercept the goods. If it can be shown that the goods are imported illegally, they can be seized and if there is sufficient evidence that persons in the United Kingdom are knowingly involved they can be prosecuted. Customs receive about one notice a year under this provision and none so far has been for motor vehicle components.

January 1980 January 1981 January 1982
Children aged 3 attending nursery schools: Full-time 762 796 707
Part-time 1,854 1,894 1,954
Full-time equivalents 1,689 1,743 1,684
Children aged 4 attending nursery schools: Full-time 845 771 733
Part-time 653 616 619
Full-time equivalents 1,172 1,079 1,043
Children under 5 attending nursery classes in primary schools: Full-time 6,323 5,936 6,127
Part-time 10,199 10,384 11,412
Full-time equivalents 11,423 11,128 11,833
Estimated 3 year old child population 33,000 31,000 33,000
Estimated 4 year old child population 35,000 33,000 31,000

Mr. McNally

asked the Secretary of State for Wales how many (a) 3-year-olds and (b) 4-year-olds in Wales were in local authority day nurseries with teacher supervision expressed (i) as full-time equivalents and (ii) as full and unweighted part-timers in each of the past three years for which figures are available.

Mr. Michael Roberts

The information is not available in the form requested. The number of children permitted in local authority day nurseries for the 12 months ending 31 March was 99 on 1979, 109 in 1980, and 158 in 1981. Information relating to the employment of teachers in day nurseries is not collected.

Mr. McNally

asked the Secretary of State for Wales what was the estimated average cost per full-time equivalent child in Wales in (a) nursery schools and (b) nursery classes in primary schools,, in 1981–82, 1980–81, 1979–80 and 1982–83 if figures are now available.

Mr. Michael Roberts

Reliable information is not available in the form requested. I shall write to the hon. Member.

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