HC Deb 16 November 1982 vol 32 cc101-2W
Q7. Mr. Andrew F. Bennett

asked the Prime Minister if she will list those measures she has taken since May 1979 to encourage and achieve disarmament.

The Prime Minister

Among the actions we have taken since May 1979 to encourage arms control and disarmament are the following:

  1. (i) 1979–80: participation in UK/US/USSR negotiations on a comprehensive test ban
  2. treaty;
  3. (ii) December 1979: participation in NATO's double decision to modernise its theatre nuclear forces and to offer to negotiate reductions with the Soviet Union;
  4. (iii) December 1979: participation in the formulation of NATO's proposals for associated measures in the mutual and balanced force reduction talks;
  5. (iv) Since 1980: active encouragement of the renewal of strategic arms control following the non-ratification of SALT II;
  6. (v) March 1980: participation in biological weapons review conference;
  7. (vi) June 1980: United Kingdom joined ad hoc committee on the Indian Ocean;
  8. (vii) August-September 1980: participation in nonproliferation treaty review conference;
  9. (viii) April 1981: United Kingdom signature of UN weaponry convention;
  10. (ix) July 1981: United Kingdom co-sponsorship of Western comprehensive programme of disarmament tabled in the committee on disarmament;
  11. (x) July 1981: participation in the preparation of NATO's proposals in MBFR talks for resolving data discrepancies;
  12. (xi) November 1981: NATO's agreement to pursue zero option for the intermediate nuclear forces missiles of most concern, prior to the opening of negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union on intermediate range nuclear forces;
  13. (xii) February 1982: United Kingdom paper on verification and compliance of a chemical weapons ban tabled in the committee on disarmament;
  14. (xiii) June-July 1982: participation in second United Nations special session on disarmament, at which I spoke on 16 June;
  15. (xiv) July 1982: participation in the preparation of NATO's draft MBFR treaty;
  16. (xv) 1979–82: work of United Kingdom experts in United
  17. 102
  18. Nations study groups on Disarmament and Development, United Nations disarmament institutions, and conventional arms.