HC Deb 21 June 1982 vol 26 cc18-23W
Mr. Brocklebank-Fowler

asked the Secretary of State for Defence if he will publish in the Official Report a list of those killed on duty with the task force in the South Atlantic, together with the names of their units; and if he will list the Falkland Islanders who have lost their lives.

Mr. Blaker

The information is as follows:

Task Force Personnel
Rank Name
Royal Navy (85)
Lt Cdr D. I. Balfour HMS "Sheffield"
POMEM(M) D. R. Briggs
CA D. Cope
WEA 1 A. C. Eggington
Sub Lt R. C. Emly
PO Ck R. Fagan
Ck N. A. Goodall
LMEM(M) A. J. Knowles
L Ck T. Marshall
POWEM A. R. Norman
Ck D. E. Osborne
WEA 1 K. R. F. Sullivan
Ck A. C. Swallow
WEMN 2 B. J. Wallis
L Ck A. K. Wellstead
MAA B. Welsh
Ck K. J. Williams
Lt Cdr J. S. Woodhead
LT Cdr G. W. J. Batt HMS "Hermes" (800 SQN)
Lt N. Taylor HMS "Hermes" (707 SQN)
Lt W. A. Curtis HMS "Invincible" (801 SQN)
Lt Cdr J. E. Eyton-Jones
AB(S) D. K. Armstrong HMS "Ardent"
Lt Cdr R. W. Banfield
AB(S) A. R. Barr
POAEM(N) P. Brouard
Ck R. J. S. Dunkerley
AL Ck M. P. Foote
MEM(M) 2 S. H. Ford
ASTD S. Hanson
AB(S) S. K. Hayward
WEM(R) 1 S. J. Lawson
AEMN(1) A. McAuley
ALS(R) M. S. Mullen
Lt B. Murphy
LPT G. T. Nelson
Ck J. R. Roberts
Lt Cdr J. M. Sephton
ALMEM(M) S. J. White
APOWEM(R) A. K. Palmer
ALMEM(L) G. Whitford
MEM(M) 1 G. S. Williams
AB(EW) S. Heyes
MEM(M) 2 A. R. Leighton
AB(R) I. M. Boldy HMS "Argonaut"
S(M) M. J. Stuart
STD M. R. Stephens HMS "Antelope"
AEM(R) 1 A. U. Anslow "Atlantic Conveyor"
CPOWTR E. Flanagan
LAEM(L) D. Pryce
MEM(M) 1 F. O. Armes HMS "Coventry"
ACWEA J. D. L. Caddy
MEA(M) 1 P. B. Callus
APOCA S. R. Dawson
AWEM(R) 1 J. R. Dobson
PO(S) M. G. Fowler
WEM(O) 1 I. P. Hall
Lt R. R. Heath
AWEM(N) 1 D. J. A. Ozbirn
Lt Cdr G. S. Robinson-Moltke
LRO(W) B. J. Still
MEA 2 G. L. J. Stockwell
AWEA 1 D. A. Strickland
AAB(EW) A. D. Sunderland
MEM(M) 2 S. Tonkin
A Ck I. Turnbull
AWEA 2 P. P. White
WEA/APP I. R. Williams
MEA(P) A. S. James HMS "Fearless"
ALMEM(M) D. Miller
POAEM(L) J M. J. Adcock HMS "Glamorgan"
Ck B. Easton

Rank Name
AEM(M) 1 M. Henderson HMS "Glamorgan"
AEM(R) 1 B. P. Hinge
AEA(M) 2 K. I. McCallum
Ck B. G. Malcolm
L Ck M. Sambles
L Ck A. E. Sillence
STD J. D. Stroud
Lt D. H. R. Tinker
POACMN C. P. Vickers
MEM(M) 2 T. W. Perkins
Royal Marines (26)
Lt K. D. Francis 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn
Sgt A. P. Evans 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn
L/Cpl B. P. Giffen 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn
Cpl M. D. Love 846 Nav Air Cdo Sqn
Sgt R. Enefer 45 Cdo
Mne P. B. McKay 45 Cdo
Mne C. Davison Cdo Log Regt
Mne S. G. McAndrews 40 Cdo
Mne D. Wilson 45 Cdo
Cpl K. Evans 45 Cdo
Lt R. J. Nunn 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn
A/Sgt I. N. Hunt RM Poole
C/Sgt B. R. Johnson HMS "Fearless"
Sgt R. J. Rotherham HMS "Fearless"
Mne R. D. Griffin HMS "Fearless"
Mne A. J. Rundle HMS "Fearless"
Mne P. D. Callan 45 Cdo
L/Cpl J. Smith 42 Cdo
Sgt R. A. Leeming 45 Cdo
Cpl A. B. Uren 45 Cdo
Cpl P. R. Fitton 45 Cdo
Mne K. Phillips 45 Cdo
Cpl L. G. Watts 42 Cdo
Mne C. G. Macpherson 45 Cdo
Cpl I. F. Spencer 45 Cdo
Mne M. J. Nowak 45 Cdo
Army (122)
A/Cpl R. E. Armstrong SAS
A/Sgt J. L. Arthy SAS
A/WO I M. Atkinson SAS
A/Cpl W. J. Begley SAS
A/Sgt P. A. Bunker SAS
A/Cpl R. A. Burns R Sigs attached SAS
Sgt P. P. Currass SAS
A/Sgt S. A. I. Davidson SAS
wo II L. Gallagher SAS
A/Sgt W. C. Hatton SAS
A/Sgt W. J. Hughes SAS
A/Sgt P. Jones SAS
L/Cpl P. N. Lightfoot R Sigs attached SAS
Cpl D. F. McCormack R Sigs attached SAS
A/Cpl M. V. McHugh R Sigs attached SAS
A/Cpl J. Newton REME attached SAS
A/won P. O'Connor SAS
Cpl S. J. G. Sykes R Sigs attached SAS
Cpl E. T. Walpole SAS
S/Sgt J. Prescott RE
Spr P. K. Ghandi RE
Lt J. A. Barry R Sigs
L/Cpl G. D. Bingley 2 Para
L/Cpl A. Cork 2 Para
Capt C. Dent 2 Para
Pte S. J. Dixon 2 Para
Pte M. W. Fletcher 2 Para
Cpl D. Hardman 2 Para
Pte M. Holman-Smith 2 Para
Pte S. Illingsworth 2 Para
Lt Col H. Jones 2 Para
Cpl M. Melia RE
Pte T. Mechan 2 Para
Cpl S. R. Prior 2 Para
L/Cpl N. R. Smith 2 Para
Cpl P. S. Sullivan 2 Para

Rank Name
Capt D. A. Wood 2 Para
L/Cpl S. J. Cockton AAC
S/Sgt J. I. Baker R Sigs
S/Sgt C. A. Griffin AAC
Maj M. L. Forge R Sigs
Cpl A. G. McIlvenny RE
Spr W. D. Tarbard RE
Maj R. Nutbeem RAMC
Gdsm M. Gibby WG
Gdsm M. J. Dunphy WG
Gdsm I. A. Dale WG
Pte M. A. Jones ACC
L/Cpl N. D. M. Thomas WG
L/Cpl A. R. Streatfield REME
L/Cpl B. C. Bullers ACC
Sgt M. Wigley WG
Gdsm D. R. Williams WG
Pte A. M. Connect ACC
Gdsm J. F. Weaver WG
Gdsm A. Walker WG
Gdsm N. A. Rowberry WG
Cfn M. W. Rollins REME
Gdsm R. G. Thomas WG
Pte P. W. Middlewick ACC
Gdsm G. W. Poole WG
L/Cpl I. R. Farrell RAMC
L/Cpl C. F. Ward WG
Gdsm G. M. Griffiths WG
Gdsm A. Keeble WG
Gdsm B. Jasper WG
Gdsm G. Hughes WG
Gdsm D. N. Hughes WG
Gdsm P. Green WG
Gdsm G. C. Grace WG
Gdsm P. Edwards WG
L/Sgt J. R. Carlyle WG
Gdsm G. K. Thomas WG
Gdsm E. J. Phillips WG
Gdsm C. C. Parsons WG
L/Cpl P. A. Sweet WG
L/Cpl S. J. Newbury WG
L/Cpl A. Burke WG
L/Sgt K. Keoghane WG
Sgt C. Elley WG
Gdsm G. D. Nicholson WG
Gdsm C. Mordecai WG
Gdsm M. J. Marks WG
Pte K. Preston RAMC
Pte M. S. Dodsworth 3 Para
Cpl S. Wilson RE
Spr C. A. Jones RE
Cpl S. Hope 3 Para
Cpl S. P. F. McAughlin 3 Para
Pte S. I. Laing 3 Para
Pte G. Bull 3 Para
L/Cpl D. E. Scott 3 Para
Pte P. J. Heddicker 3 Para
Cpl K. J. McCarthy 3 Para
Pte T. R. Jenkins 3 Para
L/Cpl C. K. Lovatt 3 Para
Pte J. D. Crow 3 Para
L/Cpl P. D. Higgs 3 Para
Pte N. Grose 3 Para
L/Cpl J. H. Murdock 3 Para
Pte I. P. Scrivens 3 Para
Pte J. S. Burt 3 Para
S/Sgt I. J. Mckay 3 Para
Pte A. D. Greenwood 3 Para
Pte P. A. West 3 Para
Gdsm C. C. Thomas WG
Pte R. J. Absolon 3 Para
Gdsm D. Malcolmson SG
Gdsm A. G. Stirling SG
Gdsm J. B. C. Reynolds SG
Gdsm D. J. Denholm SG
Gdsm R. Tanbini SG
Sgt J. Simeon SG

Rank Name
L/Sgt C. Mitchell SG
Pte C. E. Jones 3 Para
Cfn A. Shain REME
C/Sgt G. P. M. Findlay 2 Para
Pte F. Slough 2 Para
Capt G. J. Hamilton Green Howards
wo II D. Wright SG
Pte D. A. Parr 2 Para
L/Cpl J. B. Pashley RE
Royal Air Force (1)
Fit Lt G. W. Hawkins RAF Upavon
Royal Fleet Auxiliary (10)
Yu Sik Chee "Sir Tristram"
Yeung Swi Kami "Sir Tristram"
Eng Off C. F. Hailwood "Sir Galahad"
Eng Off P. A. Henry "Sir Galahad"
Eng Off A. J. Morris "Sir Galahad"
Leung Chau "Sir Galahad"
Sung Yuk Fai "Sir Galahad"
Radio Off R. Hoole "Atlantic Conveyor"
Ng Por "Atlantic Conveyor"
Chan Chi Shing "Atlantic Conveyor"
Merchant Navy (6)
PO(Deck) J. Dobson "Atlantic Conveyor"
PO(Eng) F. Foulkes "Atlantic Conveyor"
Stwd D. Hawkins "Atlantic Conveyor"
PO(Eng) J. Hughes "Atlantic Conveyor"
Captain I. North "Atlantic Conveyor"
PO(Eng) E. Vickers "Atlantic Conveyor"
Others (2)
Lai Chi Keung HMS "Sheffield"
Kyu Ben Kwo HMS "Coventry"
The Falkland Islanders killed were:
Mrs. Susan Whitley
Mrs. Doreen Bonner
Mrs. Mary Goodwin

In my answer of 17 June to the hon. Member for Caernarvon (Mr. Wigley) and my answer of 18 June to my hon. Friend the Member for Northampton, North (Mr. Marlow) I indicated that the total number of those killed on duty with the task force in the South Atlantic was estimated to be 255. The latest information has indicated that the total number is 252.—[Vol. 25, c. 341; 360.]

Mr. Robert Atkins

asked the Secretary of State for Defence (1) what decisions have been taken on the possible uses for the Argentine military equipment captured during and after the Falklands conflict; and if he will make a statement;

(2) when he expects to be able to provide details of the quantities and varieties of Argentine military equipment captured during and after the Falklands conflict.

Mr. Blaker

Our forces on the Falkland Islands have taken possession of a substantial quantity of Argentine military equipment. Some items are already in use by our forces; others are being checked for safety and serviceability. It is unlikely that a detailed inventory will be available for some time and no final decisions about the future use of the equipment have yet been taken.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

asked the Secretary of State for Defence whether he will list the numbers and types of Argentine aircraft that are estimated to have been (a) destroyed, (b) probably destroyed and (c) damaged, during recent operations in and around the Falkland Islands, stating the types of weapons by which this was achieved, and giving numbers in each case.

Mr. Blaker

The following Argentine aircraft are estimated to have been destroyed in operations in and around the Falkland Islands:

26 A4 Skyhawk
24 Mirage III and V
1 Canberra
15 Pucarà
4 Mentor T34
1 Aeromacchi 339
3 Light Aircraft
1 C130
6 Puma
1 Chinook
1 Huey Bell
83 Total

A further eight Skyhawk or Mirage aircraft were reported possibly to have been destroyed. It is not possible to estimate the number of additional Argentine aircraft that were damaged in these operations, but a number are unlikely to have succeeded in returning to their base. Of the 83 aircraft firmly estimated as destroyed, 35 are believed to have been destroyed by air patrols, 20 by sea-launched weapons, 25 by land forces, and three by Argentine forces.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

asked the Secretary of State for Defence whether either a Harrier or Sea Harrier aircraft was shot down as a result of Argentine fighter interception, during the battle for the Falklands.

Mr. Blaker


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