HC Deb 25 January 1982 vol 16 cc246-7W
Mr. Ernie Ross

asked the Lord Privy Seal what was the annual salary of the President of the European Commission from each year since 1977; what was the annual value of the expenses of the post; and what are the pension rights of the post.

Mr. Humphrey Atkins

The salary of the President of the Commission is 138 per cent. of the top salary level of the most senior Community staff grade, A1. This gives figures in Belgian francs per month as follows (the sterling equivalents are all at the current rate of BFrs 81=£1):

1 July 1977 334, 436 (£4, 129)
1 July 1978 353, 092 (£4, 359)
1 July 1979 361, 600 (£4, 464)
1 July 1980 376, 027 (£4, 642)
1 July 1981 402, 266 (£4, 966—proposed figure)
In addition, the President receives a household allowance of 5 per cent. of salary, a residence allowance of 15 per cent. of salary, and a monthly representation allowance of 34, 205 Belgian francs (£422)—this allowance was last revised in 1976. Other expenses of the post are listed in the annual Budgets under one heading covering all members of the Commission, and no further breakdown is available.

The President, like all members of the Commission, is entitled to a pension of 4.5 per cent of basic salary for each year of service, up to a maximum pension of 50 per cent. This is payable in full from age 65, or optionally at a reduced scale from age 60.

The salary, residence allowance and pension are all subject to Community taxation, the maximum rate of which is 45 per cent.