HC Deb 01 February 1982 vol 17 c27W
Sir Hector Monro

asked the Secretary of State for Industry if he has made any assessment of the loss of production in the United Kingdom through the immobilisation of factories, goods vehicles and farm tractors through frozen diesel fuel during the past two months.

Mr. MacGregor

I regret that it is not possible to assess the loss of production in the United Kingdom due to the adverse effect on diesel fuel of recent weather conditions. At low temperatures at around —7° Centigrade, wax crystals start to form in the oil which then clogs the fuel system. This can be prevented if a small

Period Pre-Tax Profit Dividend
9 months to 31.3.78 £4,519000 Nil
year ending 31.3.79 £10,481,000 Nil
year ending 31.3.80 £22,011,000 Nil
year ending 31.3.81 £24,455,000 £43,092,000

An interim dividend of £18,000 was paid on 26 March 1981 and a final of £43,074,000 on 28 August 1981.