HC Deb 01 February 1982 vol 17 cc31-2W
Mr. Hordern

asked the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will publish the cost of wages and salaries in all colleges of higher education, other than universities, in each of the last five years, distinguishing between increases paid by annual increments and those paid through negotiated settlements, and the proportion that wage and salary costs bear of total expenditure of such colleges in each year.

Mr. Waldegrave

The figures for all colleges of higher education are not identified separately but the total cost of salaries and wages and the proportions which salaries and wages constituted of the gross expenditure of polytechnics in England and Wales in the last five years were as follows:

Financial year Total salaries and Per cent. gross
wages £000 expenditure
1976–77 182,543 65.5
1977–78 202,301 64.6
1978–79 223,069 66.2
1979–80 258,831 65.6
1980–81 326,012 68.8

The further analysis requested is not available but pay settlements for further education, including polytechnic, teachers for the years in question were as follows:

Date Per cent.
Subject to a minimun of
1 April £2.50 per week and a
1977 5.0 maximum of £4 per week.
1 April
1978 9.8
Plus £6 per month 'on account' and reference to
1 April standing commission on
1979 9.3 pay comparability.
Interim settlement pending standing commission's
1 January report. £6 per month 'on
1980 7.5 account' payment ended,
1 January First stage of April 1979
1980 9.1 comparability award. First leg to arbitration award (12 per cent. On full comparability award
1 April equivalent to 13 per cent. On
1980 12.0 1 January 1980 rates.
Second stage of April 1979 combined effect equivalent to
9.1 comparability award 10.2 per cent.
1 Second leg of April increase on 1
September 1980 arbitration April 1980
1980 2.9 award rates.
1 April
1981 7.5

It is estimated that salary drift has accounted in addition for increases of about 1 per cent. per annum on average for lecturers and for no significant increase for other staff.