HC Deb 12 March 1981 vol 1000 c404W
Mr. Heddle

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he is satisfied that, in the light of delays in certain local authorities in the processing of right-to-buy applications under the Housing Act 1980, any RTB 1 form received by a local authority before 3 April will be recorded as having been received before the relevant date for the purposes of the Act; and whether he is satisfied that delays in purchase procedures will not affect such an application.

Mr. Stanley

The price paid for a dwelling sold under the right-to-buy provisions of the Housing Act 1980 is based on its value at"the relevant time". The"relevant time" depends on when the tenant serves a valid notice claiming to exercise the right to buy. If the tenant serves such a notice on his landlord on or before 3 April 1981, the"relevant time" is 8 August 1980 the date on which the Act was passed, and the price he will pay for his home will be based on its value at that date. If such a notice is served after 3 April 1981, the"relevant time" will be the date of service of the notice. Delays which occur after the service of a notice will not affect the valuation of a dwelling or the price which a tenant has to pay. Tenants serving right to buy notices have been advised to use recorded delivery or to deliver them by hand and to obtain a receipt.