HC Deb 15 June 1981 vol 6 c284W
Mr. John Browne

asked the Secretary of State for Defence what rates of overnight subsistence allowance may be claimed by members of the Inspector of Establishments Department when on official duty; and on what conditions.

Mr. Goodhart

The inspectorates are staffed by both Service and civilian officers. Overnight subsistence allowance is paid to them when carrying out their official duties at a place beyond reasonable daily travelling distance from home. The nightly rates payable in the United Kingdom are set out in the table below; the rates applying in overseas commands vary from place to place:

London Elsewhere
£ £
a. Service personnel:
Officers up to and including Major (and equivalents). 28.70 22.80
Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels (and equivalents). 29.25 26.40
Brigadier and above (and equivalents). 44.80 38.25
b. Civil Servants:
Class 3 (up to and including Higher Executive Officer and equivalent). 27.00 21.20
Class 2 (Senior Executive Officer and equivalent and above). 29.25 26.40
Class 1 (Assistant Secretary and equivalent and above). 44.80 38.25

These rates are payable unless the individual concerned stays in a Service mess, in which case the following applies:

  1. a A single Service officer receives no overnight subsistence allowance and pays what he would otherwise have paid in his own mess;
  2. b A married Service officer receives no overnight subsistence and is not asked to pay for his food and accommodation;
  3. c A Civil Servant receives one half of the appropriate overnight subsistence allowance and pays for his meals and incidental expenses.

These rates and conditions apply to staff inspectors, both military and civilian, as they do to other staff on duty.