HC Deb 06 July 1981 vol 8 c47W
Mr. Trotter

asked the Secretary of State for Defence which frigates are now undergoing major refits; at which dockyards; when they commenced; and when they are planned to be completed.

Mr. Blaker

The following are the frigates now undergoing major refit:

Start Date Present planned completion dares
HMS "Scylla" November 1980 September 1983
HMS "Jupiter" January 1980 July 1983
HMS "Charybdis" June 1979 June 1983
HMS "Penelope" June 1978 November 1981
HMS "Hermione" January 1980 January 1983

Mr. Trotter

asked the Secretary of State for Defence which Leander class frigates have been subjected to a major refit; when the refits were completed; what major new weapon system was fitted; and when each ship first entered service.

Mr. Goodhart

The following is the information requested:

Ship Date entered service Date Refit Completed Weapon System Fitted
Batch 1
Leander Mar 63 Jan 73 IKARA ASW


Ajax Dec 63 Feb74
Galatea Apr 64 Sep 74
Aurora Apr 64 Feb76
Naiad Mar 65 Jun75
Euryalus Sep64 Mar 76
Arethusa Nov. 65 Apr. 77
Dido Sep63 Oct78
Batch 2
Cleopatra Jan 66 Dec 75 EXOCET





Phoebe Apr 66 Apr 77a
Sirius Jan 66 Feb 78
Minerva May 66 Apr 79
Argonaut Aug67 Mar 80
Danae Sep 67 Apr81
Batch 3
Andromeda Dec 68 Feb 81 EXOCET,



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