HC Deb 02 July 1981 vol 7 c437W
Mr. Wigley

asked the Secretary of State for Energy what percentage of recoverable United Kingdom coal deposits is in Wales; and how many pits and how many workers in those pits there were in 1947, 1964, 1974 and 1981, respectively.

Mr. John Moore

The NCB estimates that national recoverable coal reserves are about 45 billion tonnes. However, the board is unable to give a geographical breakdown because of the difficulty in estimating for several hundred years ahead the precise location from which coal will be mined. This will depend on technical, economic and other considerations.

The numbers of pits and workers in these pits in Wales since 1949, the earliest year for which comparable data is available, are as follows:

1949 1963/4 1973/4 1980/81
Number of pits 188 108 51 36
Employees (thousands) 109 80.9 32.3 26.5

Members of Parliament Members of European Parliament
Salary £13,950 pa with effect from 13 June 1981. £13,950 pa with effect from 13 June 1981.
Notes: Notes:
1. Abated for Ministers. 1. Dual mandate members receive one-third (ie £4,650) in addition to full MP's salary.
2. London supplement of £709 pa for Members representing London constituencies. 2. Paid by United Kingdom Government, under s. 1 of the European Assembly (Pay and Pensions) Act 1979.
Travel allowances 1. Reimbursement of all travel within United Kingdom on Parliamentary business. Allowed for travel: (a) to each meeting of Parliament for travel between MEP's home address and the seat of Parliament;
2. Reimbursement for 15 journeys a year to Westminster for MP's spouses. (b) between place of arrival and place of work, during meetings of the Parliament;
(c) other travel, with prior authorisation, to attend meetings of other Community bodies or as a Parliament representative;
(d) allowance of up to 400 ECU (£217) month for travel within their home country.
Mode of transport allowed: Mode of transport allowed:
(i) by car—flat rate allowance of 19.1p per mile, or (i) normal flat rate of 0.36 ECU per km (about 31½p per mile) for first 400 km and 0.19 ECU per km (about 16p per mile) for subsequent km.
(ii) by first-class rail, or (ii) official car from place of arrival to place of work-free up to 20 km, thereafter MEP must contribute 0.30 ECU per km (about 26p per mile) or
(iii) by air, or (iv) by sea as necessary.
(iii) free taxi, up to 20 km
(iv) outside EC, air fare by most direct route.

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