HC Deb 27 February 1981 vol 999 c471W
Mr. Gordon Wilson

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what is the current projected demand for electricity in Scotland in each year to the year 2000; what relationship these bear to economic forecasts; and if it is intended to review these forecasts.

Mr. Alexander Fletcher

The weather-corrected maximum demand on the Scottish system in 1979-80 was 6127MW. Over the subsequent decade the Scottish electricity boards' latest load forecasts envisage an average annual growth of maximum demand of just over 1.5 per cent. per annum with lower increases in the early years and higher later in the period. For longer term planning purposes the boards estimate that on average the latter tendency will continue.

The boards review their load forecasts annually in the light of the prospects for economic activity and other factors such as the price of competing fuels. There is no simple relationship between economic activity and electricity demand.

Provision of Enactment Creating the offences Description of offence Penalities for First Offence Penalties for Second and Subsequent Offence
English Tweed Scottish Tweed English Tweed >Scottish Tweed
The Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1868 (C123)
Section 15(8) Contravention of any byelaw £5 + £2 per salmon £100 £5 + £2 per salmon taken >£200
Section 18 Buying, selling or possessing salmon roe £2 and forfeiture of roe £50 £2 and forfeiture of roe £100
Section 19 Buying, selling or possessing young salmon; disturbing spawn etc. £5 + forfeiture of fish and gear £50 £5 + forfeiture of fish and gear £100
Section 20 Buying, selling, taking or possessing unclean or unseasonable salmon £5 per fish plus forfeiture of fish £50 £5 per fish plus forfeiture of fish £100
The Freshwater Fish (Scotland) Act 1902 (C29)
Section 1 Fishing for or having possession of trout in close season £5 £50 £5 £100
The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Protection) (Scotland) Act 1951 (C26)
Section 1 Fishing for salmon without legal right or written permission £10 £50 £10 £100
Section 2 Fishing by illegal methods £20 £100 £50 and/or 3 months £200